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John Fox

About John Fox

I find photography to be a fantastic outlet for my creativity, it really is the best form of soul food I know. I particularly enjoy doing very detailed work as it requires a huge amount of concentration, which silences the world around me. This drew me to the technical challenges of macro photography where I can happily lose hours while tinkering. The way I work to keep photography a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour is to shoot primarily for myself. The quest to shoot natural objects with a patience and dedication to honour their inherent beauty led me to fine art photography. I have found that the principles of fine art photography now permeate every aspect of my work and I can no longer shoot anything I cannot embrace for the artistic and meaningful philosophies that drive my passion. The only thing I enjoy more is to share what I have discovered with others, and so DPC is my dream job.

A Guide to Colour Management for Photographers

2017-10-17T14:21:43+00:00 By |Advanced Photography Aspects, Colour Management|

When we start our journey as new photographers there is a lot of learning to be done. Strange new jargon words, rules and principles, equipment and settings to be mastered. Once we crest the peak most of us focus on shooting, and the development of knowledge concerning some of the more intricate, yet peripheral concerns, fall to the wayside. I believe one such example is the subject of colour management.


Why don’t my photos come out the way I want them to?

2017-08-25T14:43:27+00:00 By |Basic Photography Aspects, Mini-Tutorial|

This is a common complaint I often hear in our workshops. I think almost every photographer has experienced this at some stage of their photographic journey. The good news is that asking this question is usually a sure sign that you are entering an exciting new developmental stage of your photographic journey!


The Law as it pertains to Photographers in South Africa (Updated 2015-10-05)

2017-07-14T14:45:25+00:00 By |Advanced Photography Aspects, Legal Aspects of Photography|

There are very few laws in South Africa that pertain directly to photography. Most laws have to be interpreted to see how they impact on photography. There are three fields that a photographer is most likely to be confronted with, these are copyright, privacy and trespass laws.

Bionicle Apocalypse | Shooting a Cinematic and Narrative Project

2017-07-14T14:49:48+00:00 By |Advanced Photography Aspects, Cinematic Photography, Photography Lighting, Photography Projects, Product Photography, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Shooting a Cinematic and Narrative story using a Lego Bionicle | A quick photography project by John Fox...


How to Critique a Photo

2017-07-14T15:38:21+00:00 By |A Photographer's Attitude, Advanced Photography Aspects, Basic Photography Aspects, Photo Critique|

I would like to expand on the importance of giving people good, useful and most importantly honest feedback. As beginner photographers embark on their journey they amass a huge number of images. Generally they produce prolific quantities of work, which inevitably ends up on social network pages. When you upload to a site such as Facebook and tag friends and family members the comments start rolling in. These comments offer great self-esteem boosts causing us to add more images to get our fix of ego stroking.


Press Release | Danie Bester featured in the Collectors Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa

2017-07-14T15:46:46+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Fine Art Photography|

DPC's founder and chief, Danie Bester's fine art photography has been featured in the latest edition of "The Collector's guide to Art and Artists in South Africa". Read all about it...


Insects In Flight – Macro Photography Special

2017-08-08T14:12:41+00:00 By |Basic Photography Aspects, Macro Photography|

Digital photography courses has seen a great improvement in the submitted macro images on the Photo Critic website. The standard of work is getting better and better with more challenging subject matter being submitted every week. One thing which certainly caught my eye was the work Chris Jones has been adding within the macro group page. What is unique about Chris’s work is the amount of images depicting insects mid-flight.


Accepting Criticism of your Photographs

2017-08-08T15:34:49+00:00 By |A Photographer's Attitude, Advanced Photography Aspects, Basic Photography Aspects, Photo Critique|

I often work with new photographers and when I ask to see their work they become shy and introverted “no, I’m not showing you that”. This is surprisingly common, and if you think about it, it is also a surprisingly counter intuitive stance. As an artist or a photographer specifically, you have chosen a solely visual medium and its very purpose is to be seen.


Cleaning Camera Lenses and Sensors

2017-08-14T11:47:18+00:00 By |Basic Photography Aspects, Photographic Equipment|

Cleaning Camera Lenses and Sensors... Using your time to fix spots on every photo you take over the duration of a shoot, uses more time than cleaning your equipment before every shoot. Your photography equipment is very expensive and so this needs to be done with great care.


Review of the Fujifilm X-Pro1

2017-08-14T15:35:38+00:00 By |Photographic Equipment|

I have been given the Fujifilm X-Pro1 to play with. And Play I have. It is a very interesting camera and very different from what I am used to, it is a bold design that is hard to ignore as it is very different from other digital cameras available. It is retro styled and reminiscent of the rangefinder cameras we grew up with. It is a mirrorless cameras which has a 16.3 megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor, with interchangeable lenses. Okay, fair enough but why?


2012 TIPA award winners announced

2016-10-24T11:08:46+00:00 By |Featured Websites, Photographic Equipment, Photography Software|

Article by John Fox... The votes are in and the results are out with the announcement of the annual TIPA awards in the fields of photo and imaging products. If you are looking to purchase new gear, you can now browse the winners which make a solid starting point for your research, and hopefully you can make upcoming purchases based on a more informed opinion.