DPC was founded in 2010 by fine art photographer, Danie Bester. Danie has been lecturing extensively on photography throughout South Africa and has earned the reputation of being one of the country’s top photography educators. He recently received the AIA Grand Master Award for elevating the art of photography through his personal work as well as his extraordinary contribution to the photographic community in South Africa. Over the years, Danie has gathered a team of world-class, award-winning photographers, all specialists in their own fields, to teach a broad variety of photography courses.

DPC has since become one of South Africa’s top photography institutions. We present various photography courses and genres; covering basic photography aspects for beginners to more sophisticated topics aimed at advanced and professional photographers. We believe in small group dynamics and focus on individual needs. Class presentations follow a hands-on approach and our courses offer more practical class time and excursions than any other photography school in South Africa. Students get access to online student platforms where they receive ongoing support and feedback; even after they have completed their courses.

What our students say

There are no other photography schools in South Africa quite like DPC. Since 2010 we have provided over two-and-a-half thousand individuals with top class photography training. We have presented beginner photography courses to over two thousand people. We presented over two thousand specialist photography workshops: of which almost 90% were returning students who rate us consistently five out of five! We can therefore safely claim that DPC is indeed one of SA’s top photography schools.

Read what our students say

Having experienced your passion, not only for photography but also for people and helping them, I have no doubt that whatever you endeavour will be a roaring success. Doing a course through DPC always felt like dealing with people and not an institution. Please never lose that, it is a competitive edge.

Marius van Aardt



Danie Bester
Founder of DPC, Fine Art

The more abstract forms of photography like impressionism and minimalism intrigue me. I prefer creating images that depict energy, mood and silence. To illustrate my themes, I use mainly long exposures, selective focus and focus blur. My philosophy is that the camera is just a paintbrush and that thought-provoking images stem from a developed mind.


Bruna Mentrup-Nortje
Travel, Wildlife, Adventurer

Fond childhood memories of the African Bush have had a marked impact on my photography; these ultimately led to my passion for exploring our magnificent planet and my love for light. My philosophy is that anyone can acquire technical skills but the prerequisite for becoming a wildlife photographer is a deep connection with nature.


Warren James
Wedding, Portrait, Lifestyle

I believe creativity is at the core of who we are; we all want to change the world around us in some way, no matter how small the change might be. It is our responsibility to nurture our creativity and develop it so that we can express what we intend to say.

John FoxJohn Fox

John Fox
Fine Art, Macro

I enjoy doing detailed work as it requires concentration and silences the world around me. This drew me to the technical challenges of macro photography where I can happily lose hours while tinkering. The quest to shoot natural objects with a patience and dedication to honour their inherent beauty has also led me to explore fine art photography.

Trompie van der Bergtrompie van der berg

Trompie van der Berg
Wedding, Portrait

I specialise in using flash and artificial lighting on location and have a true talent for connecting with people. Consequently, I have built a reputation as the go-to guy for anything to do with lighting and equipment. Technology fascinates me; I spend far too much time researching every possible new gadget. Sadly, my new-gear budget reflects that too!

meagan lubbe of lumia studiomeagan lubbe of lumia studio

Meagan Lubbe
Graphics Design, Photoshop

I focus on the little details to see the bigger picture. From the precise editing of minuscule details in high-end photo retouching right through to getting my fingers dirty with paint in all the colours of the rainbow, my passion for everything and anything creative is what drives me to create and achieve the extraordinary.


Michael Tree
Wedding, Portraits, Architecture

I’m in a good place, caught between several disciplines of photography – from the creativity of weddings, an eye for a good portrait and the line and form in architectural & travel photography – it’s a wealth of experience I am forever grateful for, wouldn’t exchange for anything else.
michaeltree.com, gestalt.co.za

Andre BadenhorstAndre-Badenhorst

Andre Badenhorst

I have been photographing the South African rock and roll scene for over a decade and enjoy shooting conceptual images and pure rock fury as much as I love my skateboard. Even though I have shot all the big names I am still pushing myself and the boundaries of visual storytelling, one click at a time.
andrebadenhorst.com, blackframe.co.za


Antoinette Reinecke
Portraits, Mentorship Programme

I have deep roots in the creative world as a Jazz pianist and music teacher and discovered portrait photography as an additional artistic outlet only much later in my life. Ever since I have been captivated by the creative possibilities of flash photography to create moody and attractive portraits while constantly striving to connect with my subjects.


Robyn Prevost
Newborn, Baby, Maternity

From a young age, I have always wanted to capture important moments of which the tiny details are so often forgotten over time. As a graphic designer, newborn, maternity and family photographer, I get to capture those small and precious moments for my clients to revisit at will.


Pieter Uys
Video, Corporate, Events

Knowing the best camera angles and types of shot will make you shine as a visual storyteller. For me, good enough does not suffice and my philosophy is never to stop shooting until I have that perfect shot. I, therefore, keep on pushing myself and my team until we have a hundred perfect shots.

Hannie du Plessis
Portraits, Fine Art

If you only have someone’s attention for about 1/16th of a second, what would you show? My aim is to capture the spiritedness of human nature, whether it is in a corporate environment or on a street in Varanasi. I stalk moments of authenticity. I feel most alive when photographing. I am a learner of the light and an ambitious teacher hoping to inspire curiosity and conceptual thinking.


Lynette van der Bijl
Portraits, Mentorship Programme

I am a lifelong learner, visual storyteller, light-chaser, and home-schooling mom who understands that learning should be fun to stimulate the appetite for knowledge. It is no secret that I am a terrible cook, but excellent at playing the guitar and dancing to funky music with my wild and crazy family.

Nolan-ListerNolan-Lister-Fashion Photographer

Nolan Lister
Fashion, Fine Art

The addiction to photography started at the age of 13. My late father got me interested and I’ve been hooked since. I started with analog went to digital and I am now back with analog. I’m experimental in my approaches. Not always by the book. I load, I frame, I capture, I develop, I print… I grow.

Jenna-Besteradministrator of dpc jenna bester

Jenna Bester
Student Admin, Stylist

I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in people, to connect with them and to make them feel at home regardless of their status. Putting their needs first is my primary concern. Therefore, making friends and appreciating them as individuals enjoy priority over the business aspect of DPC.

Shawn-Marranweb administrator of dpc shawn marran

Shawn Marran
Web Administrator, Blogger

I frequently get compared to an Owl because of my love for the night and my unusual sleeping habits! These are no doubt a side-effect of being a gamer and computer enthusiast. My interest in photography lies in taking photos of cityscapes and light-trails at night; and architecture and abstract during the day.