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DPC was founded in 2010 by Danie Bester, one of South Africa’s foremost Fine Art Photographers. Danie has been lecturing extensively on photography throughout South Africa and has earned the reputation as one of the country’s top photography educators with a natural ability to teach.

The team

Over the years, Danie has gathered a team of world class lecturers with varied specialist skills to serve the photography community. DPC has since become one of South Africa’s top photography institutions. We present an array of photography courses and genres; covering basic photography aspects for beginners to more sophisticated topics aimed at advanced and professional photographers.

What makes us unique?

We believe in small group dynamics and focus on individual needs. Class presentations follow a hands-on approach and our courses offer more practical class time and excursions than any other photography school in the country. Students get access to student social network, Photo Critic, where they receive ongoing support and photo critiques; even after they completed their courses.

Thank you so much to Danie Bester for yet another wonderful class, can’t wait for next week’s class!! Also thanks to Trompie Van Der Berg for your advice and help, you guys are the best teachers and mentors! DPC is an outstanding group of people, I admire and appreciate you all so much!

Ilona Müller

It’s the most amazing feeling when you sit in a class listening to Danie Bester and suddenly realise…..”I made the right decision attending this course”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am very excited!

Mari-Lize Bezuidenhout,
I have attended a few courses from other vendors in the past. But what separated this course from the others was Deon’s deep knowledge of the application of Lightroom based on solid practical use of the tool-set.
Mike Murray
I have been studying photography for just over two years and I have to say that I have learned more through DPC in the last few months than I have for the balance of the two years and through several other institutions
Mark Horton
Thank you so much for a great course Danie. I really enjoyed every class but specially enjoyed the practical classes in Newtown and Arts on Main. Those were just so exciting. You and the rest of your team are awesome teachers.
Amanda Rumney
What blew us away is that we could clearly see that there was a lot of planning and organising that went into these sessions. That is why we both felt that this affordable course is well worth every penny spent and has added undeniable value
Lee Lahner
What differentiates Photo Critic from other similar sites is the emphasis on increasing the skills of the members. This starts with the highly professional critiques by Danie, Deon, Trompie and the others that generously give their time.
Mike Tagg
Thanks again for an AWESOME weekend! Geez, I don’t recall when last I had so much fun! Teaching photography comes so naturally to you – your passion and dedication certainly comes through very clearly!
Paul Drews


Danie Bester
Danie BesterFounder and Director
I am a Pretoria-based photographer in South Africa, happily married to my high-school sweetheart, Jenna. As the founder and director of DPC and Photo Critic, I am very involved with teaching photography, developing new course material and writing articles. On a personal level, I pursue Fine Art Photography. I also head a commercial architectural and interior photography business.

Artist Statement
Over the past decade I’ve tried my hand at many different disciplines of photography. Most my earlier work was very commercially orientated. Due to my involvement with other art forms and artists, and through studying the master photographers, my perception about photography as art, has completely changed. I see myself more as a visual artist using a camera as the tool for creating my images, rather than the photographer I used to be.

I held my first Solo Exhibition in 2010. Most recently, I have been honoured with my work being featured in the Collectors Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa.

Warren James
Warren JamesWedding Photographer and Fuji Brand Ambassador
I am a happy husband, proud father of 2 boys as well as a Portrait and Wedding Photographer who was been born into a family of artists. My visual journey into the arts started with the smell of oil paint and turpentine in my mother’s home studio while she blissfully worked away at her romantic interpretations of the world around her. I knew then that it would also be my calling to have a visual voice of my own some day.

Between 1999 – 2009 I visited over 30 countries, clicking through my eyepiece all the way. It was while travelling through the UK, North and South America, Scandinavia and North Africa, that I fell in love with capturing moments through a lens.

Visual line, colour, expression and mood have always fascinated me and I’ve been using these elements to take interesting pictures of people and places around me. Technical know how and my history in the arts has added greatly to creating beautiful imagery. I am confident that my love for photography will never grow dim and that I will forever consider myself a scholar and student of this beautiful art form.

John Fox
John FoxArt Curator, Pro Photographer
I find photography to be a fantastic outlet for my creativity, it really is the best form of soul food I know. I particularly enjoy doing very detailed work as it requires a huge amount of concentration, which silences the world around me. This drew me to the technical challenges of macro photography where I can happily lose hours while tinkering. The way I work to keep photography a rewarding and fulfilling endeavour is to shoot primarily for myself.

The quest to shoot natural objects with a patience and dedication to honour their inherent beauty led me to fine art photography. I have found that the principles of fine art photography now permeate every aspect of my work and I can no longer shoot anything I cannot embrace for the artistic and meaningful philosophies that drive my passion. The only thing I enjoy more is to share what I have discovered with others, and so DPC is my dream job.

Trompie van der Berg
Trompie van der BergWedding Photographer and ProFoto Brand Ambassador
I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in Gauteng. I have been an avid sportsman for most of my life and never really paid much attention to the creative arts, but after buying my first camera for the heck of it, photography chose me! What started out as a mere hobby grew into a lifelong obsession!

I am infatuated by creating interesting and dramatic light using mainly small flashes. I have at any given time got, at least, three Speedlights and associated gadgets with me and I get them out every chance I get. I love creating and shaping light and solving all the problems associated with mixing flash with ambient on location. I come from an IT background so my second passion is technology and gadgets. I try to stay on top of all the latest trends and releases out there and love helping people make informed decisions on what equipment to invest in.

Meagan Lubbe
Meagan LubbePhotoshop Instructor
I am based in Krugersdorp and am the head of a design and photography studio, where I work with all aspects of visual arts. From Art Directing and styling, Brand building and bespoke design to photo editing for top beauty houses.

I also have been lecturing in graphic and multi-media design for the past 8 years. I am passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge with up and coming creative individuals.

Creativity has been part of my life from a very young age and I love being surrounded by creative people and art.

My creative talents and knowledge are always expanding as I follow my passion in the never ending adventure of visual art.

Bruna Mentrup-Nortje
Bruna Mentrup-NortjeWildlife Photographer
I have been blessed with a deep love for the African bushveld and Southern Africa through my dad. Born and raised in Polokwane, I had travelled the length and breadth of this vast country before reaching my high school years. The frequent road trips were the start of my journey into the simple pleasure of observation and patience.

Today, I get to relive those nostalgic trips I made with my father and realise just how important observation and patience is. One can only understand light if you observe, and if you’re willing to work the light.

Michael Tree
Michael TreePro Photographer

Mr Carson from Downtown Abbey once famously quoted, “The business of life is the acquisition of memories,” but even more so are those memorable moments and events captured on film for print for ourselves, family and friends to re-live!

That’s what I live and strive for: to capture that fleeting moment that may be lost in time, but can be relived on film. It’s with this commitment that I have remained a classic portraiture and photojournalist at heart for more than two decades of photography. My love of line and form recently opened a new career path in the form of Architectural photography, and winning the Steel and Construction award’s Architectural Photograph of the Year was an unexpected accomplishment.

Having recently joined the DPC team, I will be presenting the Architecture and Interior photography courses.

Visit Michael’s Websites:

Wedding website

Architectural website


Nolan Lister
Nolan ListerFashion, Fine Art Photographer
I am a fashion, fine art photographer and a Profoto brand ambassador.

I fell in love with photography from an early age, thanks to my dad. As a young man, in the UK, I’ve had the opportunity to shadow top fashion photographers like Rankin and have been on some of the world’s top fashion sets. Over the years my style developed to what it is now… but it is something I’m constantly working on and trying to improve.

Visit Nolan’s Website

Jenna Bester
Jenna BesterStudent Admin and Styling
I am responsible for the day to day administration side of DPC and liaising with the students.

I come from a background and professional make-up and worked for most of the major cosmetic houses. I, therefore, rave the opportunity to work with other creative people and is responsible for the wardrobe, styling and make-up for most of DPC’s styled shoots.

Shawn Marran
Shawn MarranWeb Administrator
I am Danie Bester’s Personal Assistant. I also manage the DPC website and Instagram account.

I frequently get compared to an Owl because of my love for the night. I enjoy night-time photography as well as urban landscape, architectural and abstract photography.

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