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DPC has the best student retention rate of any photography school in South Africa. In less than a decade we have established a proud track record of over two thousand students enrolling for our basic photography courses along with two thousand other workshops also being completed.  Despite our successes, we promise to never be complacent. We remain committed to improving all the time. We value your feedback and photography course reviews. Keep on sending us your experiences and testimonials. 


Photography Course Reviews and Testimonials

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Good morning everyone. Was I the only one who couldn’t sleep last night due to excitement of starting this this course? Thank you Danie for sharing your passion with us.

Tania Knoetze, 2018-07-24


To anyone out there that wishes to learn more about or improve their current level of photography, I highly recommend you make the time to attend this valuable course. I have done several courses through DPC and keep going back for more. Danie and his team are knowledgeable and generous with their time and info. Above all, they are ethical and truly motivated by your progress. Thanks Danie and Team for the great courses and continuous support over the years

Renate Jute


Please convey our thanks and appreciation to Alice Art gallery and their staff – it is a wonderful venue and we were spoilt with tasty and well prepared food, juice and coffee.

We also enjoyed the company of a beautiful talking grey Persian cat! It eventually became so friendly with us that it slept on one of the chairs the last two Thursdays: obviously it sat through this course more than once and didn’t have to concentrate like the rest of us!

As we said last night: thank you Danie: we appreciate your patience and attention to each of us. I now know how little I know. It reminded me of how I had to learn to work on/with a computer (and a cell phone). First I was too scared to switch it on as I thought it could explode or something would go wrong and I would never be able to get it working again. It was the same with all the programs on the camera! At least I’m not scared to go into the menu anymore. Overload of information, but will keep working on it.

I met interesting people – and am sure that we will have lots of fun in the future and that we will see each other at your courses.
As promised: will arrange a trip to Kaapschehoop or Swaziland somewhere in the summer (we all know that a certain colleague is not a winter person!).
Thank you all for all your support – really appreciated!

Sanpat Coetzee, 2018-06-15


Ek wil net weer baie dankie sê vir die geleentheid wat julle vir my gegee het om die “Basiese fotografie kursus” te kon bywoon. Die klasse was ‘n hoogtepunt in my week, ek het baie geleer en elke oomblik geniet! 

Danie, jy het ‘n gawe om elkeen in die klas te laat voel of hul ‘n IEMAND is – uniek en spesiaal, ongeag vermoë ,onvermoë, geaardheid of ouderdom. Dit het, na my mening, ewigheidswaarde en sluit by Donald aan wat gesê het dat ons soveel meer van jou met ons saamneem as net jou fotografiekennis.

Ellen Marran, 2018-06-02


Thank you DPC, Meagan, and Francois for the most informative Photoshop workshop. Meagan your knowledge and patience was much appreciated, thank you for sharing, look forward to putting into practice what I have learnt

Tracy Lee, 2018-05-07 (Photoshop course)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I had the best time doing this course with you guys and have never felt this inspired in my life and look forward to doing more with you in the very near future!

Izel Prinsloo, 2018-04-26 (Basic photography course)


It was a very informative Lightroom class just a lot to take in over a weekend, but I learned so much hope I remember most of it.
I also really enjoyed the Basic-intermediate class, now I have a much better understanding of photography and my camera. Lots of practicing though, and so much more to learn. Thanks again, looking forward to my photography journey. 

Tim Erasmus, 2018-04-23


DPC is where my photography journey started….so many moons ago, with my hero…Danie Bester. I am so proud to be affiliated with DPC and will forever be grateful for the constant support from Danie and the group. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable knowledge with me whenever I needed it so much.

Bruna Mentrup-Nortje, 2018-04-17


“Highly recommended! Danie’s energy throughout the presentation is truly inspiring!”

Tiago Nazareth, 2018-03-27 (Expanding your Vision series)


I was there last night for the Expanding your Vision class, and absolutely enthralled. Was SO sorry when 10 pm came along. My goodness what a wonderful way of looking at photography. Could not fall asleep when I finally got to bed. THANK YOU.

Ann McClelland, 2018-03-27


Trompie, thank you for the wonderful experience and all your knowledge you shared with me this weekend, it was truly the best money I have ever spent. I have a much better understanding and knowledge through your teaching style now. You certainly spoke my language and your open manor made me feel comfortable and at ease. I love the way you also incorporated all the aspects in a real life scenario. I would recommend you and DPC to everyone.

Julia Theunissen, 2018-03-06 (On-Location lighting course)


Danie, jy en jou DPC span het ‘n groot impak op my fotografie as amateur gemaak. Danksy aan baie kursusse beweeg ek vorentoe en weg van “auto” af. Julle is ‘n inspirasie om groter te gaan met volharding en harde werk. Nogmaals sterkte met al die nuwe planne, ek kan nie wag vir die e-boek en aanlyn kursusse nie.

Hendrina Folscher, 2018-01-19


Danie, as always I ask myself the question “Do you ever sleep”. What you and your team at DPC have got planned for DPC in the future is nothing short of being to good to be true. Sounds amazing and I wish you and everyone involved nothing but success in this new venture. As an old student (Old being the operative word here) it has always amazed me the amount of time and energy that you and the team have spent on teaching your students the in’s and out’s of photography and you guys are always ready to go the extra mile. Not to mention the quality of lectures and lecturers. Exciting times indeed, so looking forward to this year and of course cannot wait for that eBook launch from yourself and John. Put my name down for that one already.

Luke Brouwers, 2018-01-18


Having experienced your passion, not only for photography, but also for people and helping them, I have no doubt that whatever you endeavour will be a roaring success. Doing a course through DPC always felt like dealing with people and not an institution – please never lose that – it is a competitive edge. Living out in the sticks I don’t get to attend as many courses I would like to and I am looking forward to your online content.

Marius van Aardt, 2018-01-18


Starting out with my photography, I was very much green! The only thing I knew about my camera, is where the on and off button was and to use the auto mode. I knew absolutely nothing about photography!

Starting out my main focus was to become a full-time wedding photographer. Looking at my camera – I thought to myself “all these buttons – how will I ever manage to learn the functions and use of each?” Trompie introduced me to the most incredible team – DPC! Trompie… thank you for that. My first course was with Danie, he presented his classes so incredibly well that photography was becoming my new best friend.

From there I met the rest of DPC’s team, doing as many courses with DPC as I could. Thanks to Danie, Jenna, Trompie, Warren, and of course, Shawn. You all had such a big impact on what I am doing today. The only thing that I regret is not meeting DPC earlier in my life.  Thanks to you all, I am now a full-time photographer and I love my job! There’s always room for improvement, yes and I will definitely do so by attending more courses with only DPC. Thank you DPC, you guys rock!!

Melisa Scheepers, 2017-12-20


It was a great privilege for me to meet you and I would like to share my appreciation for what I experienced in your classes.

I’ve been doing photography since 2006, as a side job for extra income, after completing a photography course locally. In 2011, I attended an Advanced Photography and Professional Photography course, through an institution in the UK.

However, my experience with the classes I’ve completed with DPC so far, have been on a completely different level; the main difference being your passion for equipping and educating people. This makes your classes stand out far above the others.

There is a clear difference when looking at where your focus lies. I can feel that you have passionate hearts for people and do not hold back on what you can offer to make other people come out on top. The incredible knowledge and wisdom with which you are blessed and share with others so freely is an amazing experience. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it!

Vanessa Kruger, 2017-11-26 (Developing a personal photography style series)


Thank you, Danie Bester, for an amazing Basic Photography course, for sharing your wisdom with us and teaching us so well!! I highly recommend this course to everyone, whether you want to do it as a hobby or become a professional!! I can’t wait to continue my journey with the DPC team.

Chrizelda Truter, 2017-11-22


Loved it!!! Definitely feel inspired!!

Anje-Ilana Nel, 2017-11-18 (Expanding your Vision series)


A big thank you Danie for a most interesting and thought provoking course. Although I still have a long way to go in mastering the basic technicalities of photography, I believe it is never too early to start thinking of how you are going to turn your snapshots into photographs and maybe eventually into works of art. An essential course for anyone who takes their photography seriously.

John Griffin, 2017-11-17 (Expanding your Vision series)


Kan nie wag vir volgende week nie  Dankie Danie vir ‘n huge eye opener…hierdie klas was presies wat ek nodig gehad het ~ feeling inspired

Lyndie Pavier, 2017-11-17 (Expanding your Vision series)


Just to add my 2c worth… my daughter and I enrolled for DPC’s West Rand Basic photography classes with Danie Bester. We have had 5 of the 7 theory evening classes and have 3 practical classes coming up. To say that I’m seeing the light at the end of this photographic tunnel, is an understatement! Thank you Danie for making the explanations so easy to understand. Also to your team, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of interacting; Jenna and Shawn, you have been most helpful. Our venue too, is an inspiration. Who cannot be inspired by the beautiful art at Alice Art Gallery?! I have loved every minute and look forward to taking my new found hobby to greater heights…😃

Louise da Silva, 2017-11-09


Thanks Danie for another fantastic class, have learnt so much on the Basic Photography Course. Looking forward to our first practical shoot on Saturday.

Vanessa Bell, 2017-11-08


I just want to give a SHOUT OUT to Shawn Marran for being such an incredibly helpful #bestcomputerforphotography fundi. His article gave me the much-needed info and lingo to get a new laptop with the correct specs. And when I was left with 2 options he helped me to choose the best option for me.  THANK YOU SHAWN!!!

Sumien du Plessis, 2017-11-01


I’m so thankful that I found DPC when I first picked up a camera. I often wonder how different my journey would look without the input I’ve had from our instructors. Danie made it so much more than a technical skill. I’m so thankful to be part of a community that truly strives for excellence and doesn’t settle for ‘just ok’ or ‘good enough’. I truly believe that we are getting to learn from the best. Thanks, Danie, Trompie and Warren 

Antoinette Reinecke, 2017-10-10


The first evening of the Developing a personal photography style series. Yes, an eye-opener. If you would like to be a photographer that stands out, this one is for you. Danie takes you through why different processes fit different people, how to develop your own unique style and endless interesting points of discussion. This course will change your vision and view and take your photography to another level. Looking forward to next week’s training session. Thanks, Danie.

Irene Botha, 2017-10-03


Just did the first evening of the Developing a personal photography style series. This course is probably the difference between developing your potential as a photographer or remaining a ‘Happy Snapper’. Essential for anyone serious about photography! Cannot wait for next week!

John Griffin, 2017-10-03


I would like to give a very huge shout out to DPC, Danie and John Fox. I have done almost every course DPC had to offer and just finished the advanced course. WOW! This was by far the best and most inspiring, laugh till you cry, fun and interesting course I have ever done. I thought it was going to be a long course but it flew by so quickly and I truly wish it was longer. My photography has improved so much since starting this course and it has taken a whole new direction. Guys….listen to me. If you are serious about your photography, do the advanced course…after you’ve done the Basic-Intermediate Course. The Developing a personal photography style series will also help a lot. Be like Nike…Just do it. You wont regret it.

Nicolene Theunissen, 2017-10-02 (Advanced photography course)


This is a great course. I would recommend it to a photographer who wants to get even more from their pictures.

Stephen Plaxton-Smith, 2017-09-30 (Photoshop course)


Excellent session! But so was the whole of the advanced course – recommended to all who want to improve their photography skills and art. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative and I, for one, will never look at photography the same way I did before attending this course. Well done guys!!

FC Greeff, 2017-09-28


Worth it! The Lightroom Course changed my entire flow and understanding and made my life so much easier now! Less time editing and more time to be awesome!

Vanessa Blomstrand, 2017-09-28 


You think you know a lot, and then these guys shows you a whole other world … An absolute MUST for EVERY photographer!

Leana Erasmus, 2017-09-27 (On-Location Lighting course)


I Highly recommend DPC. Had the best learning sessions with them. Easy to learn and so much fun!

Deane Walker, 2017-08-10


Started with the advanced course last night. The bar is set high. Our first assignment is out and I am already stressing a bit which can only mean one thing…growth. Last night I already learned so much and we had a lot of fun in class. LOVED IT! Thank you, DPC for this amazing opportunity and for all the effort you put into your classes. I wouldn’t be anywhere else on a Wednesday evening. I am sure everyone enjoyed it as much as me.

Nicolene Theunissen, 2017-08-03


Dit was nou lekker man! Trompie, you not only make it LOOK easy, you actually MAKE it easy! I am a junkie when it comes to Facebook groups or videos related to lighting and always get beyond frustrated with the overload of technicalities. “Forget it, it’s too complicated, too expensive, too many people to set-up and impossible to re-create” was my feeling. Thanks to your honest and passionate way of stripping it to the bone and teaching us the fundamentals of any lighting situation and set-up, I can honestly say I’m excited about on-site lighting and can walk into any venue with confidence! Thank you Trompie!

Sharon le Roux, 2017-07-31 – (On-Location Lighting Course)


I absolutely loved doing the basic and intermediate course at DPC, Danie is an awesome teacher!  He’s very skilled and experienced, which gave me confidence and assurance that I didn’t just waste my time and money buying a camera. I really enjoyed the practical shoots of which the night photography was the cherry on top. Can’t wait for my next course!

Nothando Ntuli, 2017-07-24


I am always and truly jealous when your emails about your creative courses arrives in my inbox and I can’t attend due to the travel distance.
So, when I phoned Danie to ask if he would like to attend our year end function at the camera club and talk about photography, he came up with a plan B. “I’ll come present the courses for you in Rustenburg – you just get the people.”
I jumped at this opportunity and even dragged my very reluctant husband with. So, what has he gained from this course?
My husband for starters is planning a photo shoot (the first in 5 years again) and he is very enthusiastic about it, even asking me to assist with the lights and to help with the studio set up, and the model. He went on to the net and got sample images to show me so that I know what he is aiming for.
And me… I have learned that a photographer notices things, even in the rubble the photographer sees beauty. I have learned that to love your photos you don’t have to photograph for the masses. They will love your images because it will shine through your work. I have learned – that you don’t do this for anyone else expect yourself and I have learned that I will always be a student of the arts.
Danie’s love for what he does show in his images and works and that’s why he has success. Thank you for teaching this valuable lesson to me.

Donita Visser, 2017-06-21 – (Expanding your Vision series)


Toe ek registreer her vir die fotografie kurses, het ek nie geweet of verwag watter wonderlike ervaaring vir my gewag het nie. Ek het elke oomblik terdee geniet en elke lesing en praktiese sessie was van hoogstaande gehalte. Baie baie dankie vir al die reelings en veral baie dankie aan Jenna vir al die moeite en opoffering… Dra ook my opregte dank aan Shawn oor vir al sy reelings.

Hans Pretorius, 2017-06-09 (Basic Photography course)


A huge shout out to the team at DPC | Digital Photography Courses, Warren James Krige and Trompie Van Der Berg, for the past 3 weeks on their Wedding Photography Course! From the invaluable theory sessions, full day practical and 2-day post production and workflow I know it is going to seriously up my game for all my clients, wedding or corporate shoots. Definitely something to look at If you are looking to grow your skill in the right way 

Kevin Reddell, 2017-06-13


Danie Bester is a very good teacher and so knowledgeable. I’ve learnt a lot on the basic course and will spend some time to put it all into practice. The Fourways group was great and I really enjoyed the practicals, especially the night shoot in Sandton. Thank you, Danie, I can finally say goodbye to the green button!

Carina Steyl, 2017-06-11


What a great a great day! The practical lessons were easy to understand and apply. The models and venue were really awesome! Thank you Trompie and Warren, I learned a lot and had great fun doing it. Trompie your “On-location Lighting course,” has given me so much insight and understanding of lighting techniques and Warren’s “Posing Course 101” unwrapping the mystery of posing which helped me direct models on this ” Wedding Photography Course,” we did. Jenna working hard in the background to handle food, outfits, models etc. Thanks, guys! Looking forward to the next course.

Steve Friend, 2017-05-30


Expanding your vision and Develop a Personal Photography Style – It challenged my thinking and approach to photography in much more ways that I imagined. Words and phrases such as “creating instead of taking” and “visual vocabulary” are now part of my vocabulary. Danie Bester – thanks for sharing unreservedly and treating us as peers. Well presented and I can certainly recommend it even if you have been shooting for a number of years.

Phillip Erasmus, 2017-05-23


Such a great privilege to have Danie Bester in the lab last week. Thank you again for being such an inspiration and mentor to so many professionals in our industry and especially for sharing your knowledge with our pros 

Karlien Murray, 2017-04-25 (Expanding your Vision series @ Atphoto Professional Imaging)


Ek wou al laasweek email om duisend dankies te sê vir laas Donderdag se werkswinkel! Dit was ‘n voorreg om deel te kon wees van die dag, dankie vir jou moeite. My mond hang eintlik oop om te dink aan alles wat ons gekry het vir die dag, teen die koste wat ons betaal het! Dankie vir jou geskenk van jou kennis en ervaring wat jy met ons kom deel het! Ek moet sê, ek sal weer deur my notas moet werk, want daar was so baie wat ek wou raakvat in my geheue, dat ek nodig het om dit weer vas te vang! Ek sal graag nog van julle kursusse wil bywoon, en ook graag ander vertel van DPC.

Erika Venter, 2017-04-24


A big thank you and applause for this initiative. It was worth every hour and I gleaned valuable information from a very experienced artist. I think I may have used the word “basics” but in the way it was presented from the theory to the practical, it grounded some of my beliefs but also challenged some of my current barriers as well as inhibitions. Thank you so much for your time and in the way you presented it. It was to the point and as a presenter (and a master) you were very approachable!  

Phillip Erasmus, 2017-04-21 (Expanding your Vision series)


Just finished the introduction to Lightroom class with Danie Bester! What an eye opener class today. I’ve learnt so many new tricks and refreshed some of the tricks I’ve forgotten. So glad I got to join today and learn from a true professional in the industry. Thanks, Danie and DPC for great material.

Natasha Tonkin, 2017-04-18


I competed your Basic Photography Class in March of 2017. WOW – the classes were very informative, interesting & fun. I feel so inspired, a whole new whole has opened up for me. Thanks Danie for sharing your knowledge. 

Michelle van der Westhuizen, 2017-04-03


Probably the most inspirational course I have had the fortune to attend. Thank you, Danie!

Jackie O’Hare, 2017-03-28 (Developing a personal photography style series)


What an awesome insightful class we had last night. Thank you, Danie Bester, for teaching us what we never would’ve known even if we read the manual. I feel inspired. Thank you.

Nicolene Theunissen, 2017-03-23


My wife is so excited about what she learned and I am convinced this will take her to reach new heights!

Desmond Theunissen, 2017-03-23


The class came at the perfect time for me, well worth the wait. I couldn’t wait to get home and start researching for my assignments. It is just wow, always being blown away at the vast amounts of research you guys put into these courses for us. I love your dedication and cant wait for next week. Thank you so much, Danie Bester! Those who didn’t book this course, there is more coming up soon, go check out the dates on their website!!

Natasha Booysen, 2017-03-22


For those of you who did not book for this amazing course, you don’t know what you have missed out on!! I don’t think Danie skipped on anything that I was not already struggling with for so many years. I walked out at the end of this amazing class, feeling so inspired and knew exactly what to do and where to start to improve my own photograph.

Bruna Mentrup-Nortje, 2017-03-21 (Developing a personal photography style series)


Lots of hard work went into this course. Your courses always inspire me to learn more, work hard to become a better photographer, to stand out and be unique. Thanks, Danie Bester. Looking forward to the 2nd class. 

Lynette van der Bijl, 2017-03-21


It was amazing! Thank you, Danie! What I love is how you’ve given so much structure to helping us set goals for growth. I’ve been trying to research and learn and grow but often I feel like I’m all over the show. This is just what I needed! And it’s always fun to bask in your expert glow. One can hope that some of that talent will make its way to us through osmosis – lol! 

Antoinette Reinecke, 2017-03-20


I was absolutely so inspired! Everything was so well put and it makes one think about where we’re going with photography. I am so excited to do my research and develop my own style much more. It really was a brilliant class. Looking forward to next week!

Saskia Schüttenberg, 2017-03-20


Hi, Jenna. I want to thank you and Danie for running such a wonderful and inspirational basic course and I absolutely look forward to attending more courses with you guys in the near future.

Lerato Peter, 2017-03-07


Just finished my Photography class and I must say, I have learnt a lot and my pictures have improved, BIG TIME. I look at my pictures from then and now and I feel, did I really take these pictures?  Thank you for your patience and good spirit! 

Avela Phasa, 2017-03-07 (Basic photography course)


Thank you for giving me a new photographic vocabulary for this year. From your great Expanding your Vision class which was filled with loads of inspiration.

Bruno Schostar, 2017-01-18


A year ago, I attended the Basic photography course and little did I know how life changing it would prove to be. I went there hoping to learn how to use a camera, but I left with a new found passion! Highly, highly recommended!

Antoinette Reinecke, 2017-01-12


The Best! Always Available! Always Very Friendly! Always Very Professional! No matter what time of the day with the most complicated or the most simple problem they are just a call away ready to pump you up with the most valuable info that you will not get elsewhere!

Chris Baker, 2016-12-06


Whoohooo – finished the basic to intermediate course!! Danie Bester thanks for being a great teacher and presenting an outstanding course! After previous disappointments, I can really say that I learned a lot from you. Trust was built and you will be my go to guy (that says a lot) – I WILL BE BACK!!

Cheryldene Potgieter, 2016-12-06


I attented my first course at DPC when I did my basic course with Danie, fortunately it did not stop there and I have attented quite a few of the other course after that.. It has been fantastic, a huge learning curve, meeting fantastic people making good friends and learning from the best in the industry whom I must admit have got a lot of patience but an absolute passion for what they are doing.

Luke Brouwers, 2016-11-30


Thanks so much for this! Wow, the book is so thorough and the presets are much appreciated. 

My feedback on the course would be: 

  1. I loved how much you dealt with posing in the basic class. The fundamentals you taught us made an instant difference for me. I think if it weren’t for the foundation you laid here and the importance you explained, I would never have realised how critical posing is 
  2. I really enjoyed the course. I loved the approach you guys used. The theory as a basis was excellent but the practical demonstrations really hit home. I found the section about posing couples especially useful 
  3. I like how you guys always point us towards further resources. I got the Roberto Valenzuela book and I’ve been working through it to really nail down what you guys taught. I think it’s great to recommend further reading. 

I would highly recommend this course and I immediately noticed an upgrade in my shots. I still have a LONG way to go but it’s wonderful to have something to aim for. 

Thank you so much for all the thought and effort you guys put into the courses. I honestly feel that the 5 DPC courses I attended this year were the best investment I’ve made. 

It’s a real honour to learn from your incredible team- thank you!! 

Antoinette Reinecke, 2016-11-29


Het die klas baie geniet end baie bly om die span te ontmoet, ek het baie welkom gevoel. Almal was baie professioneel en Warren was puik. Sy vriendelike persoonlikheid en kalm selfvertroue het baie goed oorgedrae. Die inhoud van die kurses was vir my baie van toepassing en was oorgedrae in ‘n interressante manier wat my aandag gehou het. Ek het ook baie geleer van Trompie en Danie.

Dankie aan jou dogter wat so mooi modelwerk gedoen het. Dit was lekker om ‘n gesig by jou vriendelike stem te sit. Die organisasie van kos en algemene admin is puik. Ek het al ‘n nuwe klient ingewin wat die basic photo kurses gaan doen, vroeg volgende jaar.

Steve Veldhuis, 2016-11-14



Thank you for an amazing Expanding Your Vision class – I really loved it and look forward to many more great teachings, inspiration and story telling from you! See you again soon for another course.

Tracy Miles, 2016-11-03


Trompie, thank you for an amazing workshop. I really love your teaching approach which aims to simplify your shooting experience. The foolproof “recipe” for shooting outside in full sun was such an eye opener and the amount paid for the course is worth it just for that bit of knowledge. I cannot tell you how much my photography has improved since I started doing some courses with DPC – I want to attend ALL the courses! You are a great teacher and a true inspiration to me – and now I know all your secrets 😉 I really hope I have other opportunities to shoot with you and learn more from the Light Jedi Master. Even Céline learned a lot from you.

Eve Smith, 2016-11-02


Week 2 of my photography course with DPC and already I feel like I’ve learned so much! So blessed to have one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever met, as my teacher!

Chelsea Aghachi, 2016-11-01


I thought back to my experience of the Wildlife Photography Workshop held at Monate Game Lodge. I wish to share my experience with you.

The setting was perfect with Bruna, a lady with a huge attention to detail, being our workshop leader and Nikon expert, assisted by Dries, also a renowned wildlife photographer and the Canon expert, I could not ask for better mentors. The dedicated game drive vehicle, fitted with Gimbal heads and attachments, made my experience more memorable because I was able to concentrate on photography experience hassle free.

The classroom sessions formed our basis as to what to expect in the field. Each game drive was not just a tourist outing, but a lesson to pay attention to detail: Camera settings, the direction of the sun, shadows, the colours in trees and grasslands, behavioural patterns of the animals and birds, and then composition, composition, and composition.

Coming back to the classroom sessions, it was informative, with Bruna and Dries sharing their valuable experiences, but the challenge came when I had to share my photos. But thanks to the excellent guidance from Bruna and Dries, my photos were not too bad.

Taking all of this into account, it was a workshop to remember and recommend it to all photographers who appreciate the wildlife through Bruna’s lens.

Thanks, Bruna and DPC.

Rudolph Viljoen, 2016-10-28


Passion for photography… is not about the money… and that’s exactly why I fit in so well with them… it’s about creating the memories and capturing!

Heidi Bell-Jansen van Vuuren, 2016-10-27


DPC has the best photographers that share their experiences and expertise I absolutely love the interactive classes and learn so much it’s sooooo worth it. I have done 3 courses Beginner, Wedding photography and Expanding your vision. Love it!! Well done to Danie and his team. And a special thanks to Jenna for all the catering and Bridal make up and behind the scenes.

Marinda Meyer, 2016-10-27


Great experience, so glad I enrolled!

Vanessa Terblanche, 2016-10-26


I completed the DPC Basic to Intermediate Photography Course last night. Thank you, Danie Bester, for all the knowledge you shared with us. We had a lot of fun and learned so much in the past view weeks. Looking forward to the next Course!

Charmaine Venter, 2016-10-07


“I have learnt so much in the past few weeks. You are an amazing teacher. I love your passion for photography as well your interaction with people of all walks of life. I am glad that we chose to do the course with DPC and not any other institution”

Rajashree Ramborosa, 2016-10-04


Thanks again to everyone really was a great workshop and learnt so much…Would definitely do it again…There is so much you learn at the workshop..

Robert Ian Bower, 2016-08-17


Had ‘THE’ best photography course EVER!… Well, until my next DPC course that is. I highly recommend the Wedding course with Warren and Trompie. I thought I was going to do an easy brush-up course and got brought back down to earth hard… I learned so so much more than what I bargained for and my head is bursting with new info. Thank you, very much guys, and Jenna, for a truly valuable experience!

Eve Smith, 2016-07-24


Thank you to the DPC team for a wonderful, informative, full on Wedding course. To the lecturers, Trompie, and Warren. Thanks to Jenna for running around behind the scenes and to anyone else I may have left out. Looking forward to doing more courses with you in the future including all the new additional courses that will be on offer.

‎Camille Kruger‎, 2016-07-24


I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do my photography course. I’m so inspired to do great things and I’ve only been to one class. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s class!!!

‎Palesa Mulaudzi‎, 2016-07-13


‘n Dankie aan Danie, vir sy klas vanaand by Alice Art Gallery vir die Expanding your Vision. Jy het jouself oortref soos gewoonlik. Ek voel nou weer lus om fotos te neem.

Riaan Michelle Van Rooyen, 2016-06-22


My reis met Lightroom het die afgelope naweek begin toe ek die interessante kursus by DPC bygewoon het.

Deon, ek het die aansteeklike “How cool is that?!”- entoesiasme waarmee jy jou grondige kennis en ervaring gedeel het, baie geniet.
Jenna, dankie vir jou spontane gasvryheid en heerlike kos. Die hardwerkende vrou agter die passievolle fotograwe! Bly ek kon jou bietjie beter leer ken. Danie, baie dankie dat jy Shawn die naweek afgestaan het aan die Lightroom-klas, sy tegniese hulp was vir my van onskatbare waarde. Dankie Shawn!!

Alles van die beste vir DPC! Dit was ‘n leersame en verrykende twee dae saam met julle.

Ellen Marran, 2016-06-17


Thank you, Danie Bester, for an amazing presentation of the Expanding your Vision workshop! You made me realize just how much I can still improve my photography and this will certainly give me food for thought on how to up my game. This class is a must for any photographer that has lost inspiration and looking for that much-needed oomph. I said to my wife last night when I got home, I have known you for many many years and I am still astounded by your knowledge of the arts, it is a privilege to have you at the helm of DPC. It truly is one of those presentations that every photographer in this country should see, It should be a roadshow!

Trompie Van Der Berg, 2016-06-16


Thank you, Danie Bester, for your inspiring Expanding Your Vision class last night. It really opened my eyes and made me view my photography differently. I think all photographers should attend! I look forward to attending more of your creative classes in the future!

Ashleigh Pienaar, 2016-06-16


So, after more than 40 years practising photography (note practising) and having some success and a ton of fun I suddenly had another insight into the awesome medium of photography. I attended Danie Bester’s ‘Expanding your Vision’ workshop and it was an eye opener for me, to look at images as art, considering aspects I have taken for granted all this time or unconsciously appreciating or not appreciating images.

Richard Webb, 2016-06-16


Thank you so much to Danie Bester for yet another wonderful class, can’t wait for next week’s class!! Also thanks to Trompie Van Der Berg for your advice and help, you guys are the best teachers and mentors! DPC is an outstanding group of people, I admire and appreciate you all so much!

Ilona Müller, 2016-06-15


I am really thankful for 3 people… Firstly Christine De Jager for introducing me to DPC – otherwise, I would have still been skeptical of doing a course. Secondly, my old faithful second shooter for replacing my flash stand with his arm every time we shoot together because the wind just loves kicking over my flash stands and bending my umbrellas! And lastly but most importantly the guru Trompie Van Der Berg for showing me this technique. I always wanted to do off camera flash but was truly so scared of flash so I always just did the bounce thing for safety… But Trompie helped by giving me a new perspective on things. Thank you DPC for having such awesome Tutors!



Felecia Pretorius, 2016-06-07


DPC really is the best in the industry when it comes to teaching, mentoring and continuous help in growing. I surely can testify of that.

Bianca Gainsford 2016-06-07


I wanted to write to you to thank you for your hospitality as well as to Deon for delivering one of the best courses I have ever attended. I came out of that lecture so excited at the endless possibilities with Photoshop and even more eager to attend more courses whenever I can.

Simphiwe Tshabalala, 2016-05-30


Thank you for your time and patience Danie. I fell in love with photography years ago but last night I fell in love with photography all over again in a different dimension. I’m so excited for what lies ahead in my journey with DPC. Lightroom course next on the 11-12 June. I’m so appreciative with all you effort and tips.

Michelle Jacobs,2016-04-20


Very good course!! Did the Lightroom Course with Deon a few weeks ago! Enjoyed and got organized with my photographs. Worth every minute and every penny!

Mark Faesen, 2016-04-06


This is just a short note of appreciation for the content of the course and the way in which it was presented – nothing boring and extremely practical.
Bruna’s whole demeanour and her practical approach to wildlife photography was invaluable and has put a whole new perspective, especially as far as composure is concerned and refraining from going in close as well as taking the surroundings in consideration (as opposed to only being target focused) has opened a whole new world for me. I will encourage anyone that aspires to improve his/her wildlife photography to look out for the next presentation of the course without hesitation – to be able to learn from a professional wildlife photographer with a passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences face to face is really a privilege.

Johan van Rensburg, 2016-03-18


Het die naweek se lightroom kurses bygewoon dit was fantasties dankie vir al julle goeie raad!!

Mandri van der Berg, 2016-03-16


Thanks so much for such a fun outing Danie!! Really appreciate your time. This course has been incredible! I’ve learned so much and I can’t believe how much you guys invest in us. So much to learn but I feel one step closer, after every class.

Antoinette Reinecke, 2016-03-05


This course is a must do for anyone who thinks that a flash is that thingy that only goes on top of the camera once the light goes really bad. Trompie Van Der Berg class, both the theory and practical is just an awesome experience. Its a pleasure learning from you guys – the DPC team always deliver.

Louis Cook, 2016-03-02


Dankie Trompie vir n ONGELOOFLIKE leer ondervinding. Ek het in een naweek so baie geleer, my kop is skoon seer! Dankie Jenna vir die reelings en die HEERLIKE kos! Dit was meer ‘n kuier as ‘n kursus!

Leana Erasmus, 2016-02-29


I have come to a place in my photography where I was not feeling like I was achieving what I set out to do. The ideas are there, but delivering the final product wasn’t showing it. You are helping us to be more creative and understanding to feel the emotion beyond the shutter button. I can’t wait to start a project or two, and use the knowledge you have passed over.


Natasha Booysen, 2015-11-28


The worst part of trying to be good at something is that it is like trying to climb a staircase which has a clear beginning, but has no real end. And top things off, each step that you climb gets just a little higher than the last until you reach a point when the steps ahead seem to be just out of your reach. It is at this point that we get lost and somewhat despondent. Somewhere between where we started and where we want to be, unable to go higher, unwilling to go back and most definitely not content with where we are.

It is times like these when we need a boost, a leg up onto the next level and what better way to do this under the guidance of a team of professionals, surrounded by like-minded people, opening our minds to the vision and experience of the masters. This was my experience of the recent Expanding Your Vision sessions hosted by Danie Bester where he re-ignited my passion for artistic photography and gave me hand up to the next step in my journey up my own personal staircase.

Kevin Richards, 2015-11-28



 I want to take this opportunity to thank DPC, Danie Bester for such an informative and eye-opening class(es). As always it was truly beneficial, and I would recommend every photographer to attend the next Master Class to expand their vision, and take their photography to a “Master” level. I am looking forward to DPC | Digital Photography Courses next edition of learning courses and programmes.

Jean Rheder, 2015-11-27



Photography! The joy of my life! Tonight I have class again at DPC | Digital Photography Courses – I want to encourage ANYONE interested in Photography to book a course with them. They are absolutely brilliant and cover photography from basic to fine art, advanced, studio lighting etc. So many people own an SLR but shoot on AUTO. I promise you, a new world awaits you when you learn how to use your camera! Go for it.

Marethe Grobler, 2015-11-03



Hi Jenna, 

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work and effort that both you and Danie put into the Wedding Photography Workshop, it’s really much appreciated. It was a fantastic workshop, I really learnt so much!

Trevor Miller, 2015-10-27


The Photography Class was absolutely amazing, it was the first class and the amount of knowledge absorb like sponges. Your class was really amazing. Thank you

Theresa Becker, 2015-09-10


I have had the most wonderful experience on Bruna’s course. She is an amazing human being, and she very kindly loaned me her D750 for the weekend (now I want one 😧). I felt that she was interested in making this opportunity meaningful for us all. She was a gift to me this weekend and I left there feeling uplifted and inspired. 

Thank you for your great courses and warm, welcoming facilitators. 

Now, which course should I do next?

Karyn Taylor (Katy), 2015-07-19


I picked up my first DSLR in November 2012. Little did I know that it would change my life. Before that day I saw the world the way most people saw it….or didn’t see it. I didn’t notice reflections in puddles of rain, or how a day with the right kind of contrasting clouds can be breathtaking. I could not notice beauty in the mundane. But when I started taking photos all of that changed. And I would say that the change is largely thanks to the team from DPC. Before I discovered Photocritic I took snapshots. I saw something and took a photo. I didn’t consider settings, composition, lighting, being creative. I just captured pretty snapshots, with high noise levels and no compositional appeal. When I started getting critique from the great team at Photocritic, my photographic style changed. It improved in leaps and bounds. They would give me critique, and give me methods to improve. They also inspired me to read more, to learn more, and I can see how my photos have improved from 2012 to now. And I am still learning and improving with every photo I upload. Danie, Deon, Bruna, Warren, Kevin, and the rest of the team, thank you for pushing me, for being an integral part of my photographic journey, and for being the voices in my head when I’m taking a photo telling me to check my settings and look for the best composition and a creative approach. I would not be the photographer I am without you guys!!

Nadia de Lange, 2015-06-24


I battled to sleep last night – just wanted to take pics. I am so inspired and I haven’t had this passion for some time. So nice. Loving every second of this course. 

Kandice Hughes, 2015-06-11


 It’s the most amazing feeling when you sit in a class listening to Danie Bester and suddenly realise…..”I made the right decision attending this course”. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I am very excited!

Mari-Lize Bezuidenhout, 2015-06-11


I see so many training workshops pop up with sub-par work and experience from the instructors. I am so glad about the product we deliver to our students. For us it is more than about the money, it is also a passion and a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our students become part of a family, they get value for money and our team truly are masters in their respective fields.

Trompie van der Berg | DPC Lecturer, 2015-06-05


I enjoyed my first class in Kempton last night so much! I’m so positive and excited for this journey with DPC…

I’m very impressed with what I’ve learned so far and thank you, Danie, for the time and effort you put in to teach us, you are a great teacher and excellent photographer.

I can’t wait for our Next class…

Monika Botha, 2015-06-04


Thank you for the splendid weekend – learnt stacks about studio photography and even my own camera settings.  Danie’s experience and knowledge make it a pleasure to attend.  Seems like I need to attend some more courses!

Leon Du Rand, 2015-05-25


I attended the Studio Photography Course on 23/24 May and can attest to being given the opportunity to expand my personal portfolio with quality studio images as well as gaining insight into the intricacies of studio lighting! As with the other DPC presentations, the studio photography course will not disappoint you!

Leon Horne, 2015-05-25


Just thought I should let you know that ” Photography is now consuming my life ” – especially since this past weekend – Boot camp was amazing and all that I have been doing since is reading, editing, going thro’ pics, lightroom, etc, etc;)” … You, Jenna Bester and the rest of your team are awesome people – I have learnt so much in the past couple months – my eyes have been now opened to the photography world!

Thilo Premraj, 2015-04-29


The Photoshop class on 18 April was very informative. The lessons are clear and easy to follow. It made photoshop quickly accessible to any new student. I have tried a few tricks in photoshop with great success.

Christel Weigel, 2015-04-27


Baie baie dankie vir n wonderlike eerste fotografie klas wat ek gisteraand kon bywoon. Ek kon sien dat julle pragtige toegewyde mense is en dat julle die hele skepping geniet en waardeer. Ek is woes opgewonde oor die kursus, en al weet ek NIKS NIKS het ek nie minderwaardig gevoel nie. Baie dankie vir Danie se kosbare manier van aanbieding, sy passie  kom uit sy hart uit. Dankie ook vir die lekker koppie koffie…

Karin Venter, 2015-04-16


Late in 2014, I was searching the internet for a digital photography course in Johannesburg and came across the DPC website. The dates and location suited me, the price was right and the clincher was the Photo Critic website, which meant I could get involved as soon as I had registered. Even though I have been using a camera for many years (first black & white film, then colour slide film and the switch to digital six years ago), I have never done any kind of formal course. I wanted to go back to basics to learn and expand my photography to include much more.

The DPC Basic Course was amazing, I enjoyed every minute and I learnt so much! The practicals were excellent and I took photographs that I would never have thought about taking before. Your (and Deon’s) personal involvement and passion for what you do were way beyond my expectations. The Photo Critic website is great and continues to provide inspiration and ideas after doing the course. I also discovered Lightroom and will be doing the course in July.

To anyone wanting to get into photography, or build on what they already know, sign up and join the DPC community, you will definitely not regret it!

Eugene Armer, 2015-04-05



Danie, it was really nice meeting you last night at class. I’m really excited about this new journey of mine called Photography. Your work is amazing, and being an amateur photographer, it inspire me to want to learn so much more. I feel honoured being part of the DPC family,  I know I’m at the right place…  and looking forward to learning a lot from you…

DPC rocks!!!!!

George Bridger, 2015-04-01



Thank you for an amazing course. I learnt so much and feel very inspired. The passion and care with which you treat your students, are fabulous and I felt that you want us to succeed. The time you take to help us with Photo Critic, your Blog, Facebook etc, is most appreciated. This is truly your calling. I hope to have a long association with you as a student.

Karyn Taylor Poole, 2015-03-15


Danie and team, thank you for a wonderful course that we completed last night. Very informative and well worth attending. The student portfolio is wonderful and the new website has a lot to offer in terms of variety.

Charmain Hulley, (Facebook) 2015-03-13


Thank you for a wonderful course. I’ve learned so much. I can not wait for the next course. Danie, you and your team can be very proud of what you are doing. May you go from strength to strength. Blessings

Thea van Staden, (Facebook) 2015-03-13


I also signed up to complete my beginners course with DPC many moons ago, not really knowing what to expect! Looking at your stunning work this morning took me back to my own journey with DPC. Danie Bester has been a very sound influence in helping me personally grow stylistically in my own photography, and as a mentor, he has played a role in helping me develop an individualistic style which now gains rapid recognition and proudly displays in prestige lodges in Botswana and Namibia. His influence is visible in all of our work!

Bruna Mentrup-Nortje, 2015-03-12


I have attended Trompie’s recent On-Location Lighting course and would like to bring to your attention my full appreciation for the high standard presented over the two days.  Compared to the previous course on the same topic, which I have attended in 2014, I can state explicitly that the expansion to two days is to the advantage of the attendees.

There are three aspects of the course that I would like to emphasise here.  The first being an appreciation of Trompie’s witty and very informative comments that was coupled with his outstanding topical insight and excellent presentation style.  Trompie succeeded in capturing the full attention of all attendees over the two days and by sharing his experiences and insights into photography in general, he succeeded in kindling in me a renewed enthusiasm towards photography.

It is also appropriate to make a special mention of the appreciation that needs to be given to Jenna who not only actively addressed the course administration issues, but who was solely responsible for organising and assisting a very professional Tanya Kroon as our model.  Both Jenna and Tanya contributed to the overall success which enabled Trompie to focus on sharing with us the technical aspects of on-location lighting.  In this way, each attendee was presented with ample opportunities to actively participate in the practical aspects of the course.

I certainly look forward to attending the Advanced Photography course later this year and, judging by my experiences over this last weekend, it will turn out to be a “big hit” too.

In my view, the standard set by the DPC courses will be hard to beat – if at all.  I can recommend to anyone considering attending a DPC course to proceed with confidence that it will be a worthwhile investment towards becoming a proficient photographer.

Leon Horne, 2015-03-11



Deon, thank you for the feature this week.  I have after your comments over the last two weeks, straighten my buildings and paid a little more attention to the composition BEFORE taking the shot. Thank you for your honest critique, it really does help… and we do (mostly) listen. Also thank you for the service… when I feel I need some “real” feedback… this is the place I come to.

Marlene, on Photo Critic, 2015-02-25


Thank you, Danie and John for the Advanced Photography Course.  Since doing the advanced course, I have found it difficult to just take photos.

I used to snap away at anything and everything and be extremely happy with a sharp focus image with decent bokeh. Now all I see are the faults in a photos mine and other peoples.

I was asked to do a photo book for a colleague using the wedding photographers photos. It was a beach wedding and there was not one photo I didn’t have to edit before putting them in the book. The bride wanted me to edit some photos with selective colour, proudly I said I can but I won’t, especially when she suggested a b&w with just her lips coloured in. Some photos were so slanted I couldn’t straighten the horizon without chopping off someone’s head completely. The mom proudly sent me photos she took herself for the album, I “forgot” to include these because the full washing basket and vacuum cleaner did not quite match the dress or the orange umbrella the bride was holding inside the house. I could not wait to get the book off for printing just because the photos were driving me crazy, every photo I see I feel I have to crit. Some of these photos would make good examples for your slide show on what can go wrong.

At the moment, I am trying to find a photographer who can do my daughter’s first birthday photos, but in everyone’s photos I look at, all I see are the things we have been told to look out for. Most of the web pages I have looked at I don’t even get past the home page before deciding they are no good. I have finally found a photographer I like, but it is really very pricey. (Proving again you get what you pay for).

So now it is the time I suppose to start taking photos again. if the so called “professionals” are taking these photos that are just wrong I might as well dust off my camera and put it to use again.

Thank you for teaching us so much, but seriously oblivion was a far more peaceful place to be. I would do the course again in a heartbeat and recommend that everyone do the course. But prepare yourself, you will never click the same way again. On the upside, it does save on a lot of memory space.

Chantal Burger, on Photo Critic, 2015-02-13


Thank you very much for the Lightroom Course this last weekend. And the catering! The course was very practical and fully answered my questions. I also thought that the course was presented “from the heart of experience”. I have attended a few courses from other vendors in the past. But what separated this course from the others was Deon’s deep knowledge of the application of Lightroom based on the solid practical use of the toolset.

Mike Murray, 2015-02-09


If you want to do a basic photography course or more advanced, I will recommend DPC | Digital Photography Courses in a heartbeat! They are the best!!! I’m loving it and are learning so much. Professional photographer Danie Bester shares his skills and experiences. Couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.

Junita Fourie-Stroh (Facebook), 2014-10-30


Wow, Danie jy is amazing – Baie dankie vir ‘n lekker shoot! Maats – ek kan Danie Bester van DPC verseker aanbeveel.

Tanya Kroon (Facebook), 2014-10-29 


Anton loved the course and benefited much from the one on one with Deon. He got on well with Deon and looks forward to the night course in November.

I am really glad we found you.

Nikki Schultz, 2014-10-20


In July this year, I’ve booked myself into the beginners course with Danie Bester after been frustrated over nearly two years how to handle my EOS 550D. I never imagined gaining the knowledge I have now. My husband and I have been last week over a few days in the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and played with the camera the first night to do the star trails. This photo has been taken on the second night. We’ve been very excited to see the result of what I’ve learned at the course. I will be for sure at the next advanced course, soon as the dates and venues are available. I just want to thank you, Danie, Deon and the team for a great job. THANK YOU!!!

Marina Plate, 2014-09-17 (Facebook)


I would just like to extend my thanks for running the wedding workshop that I attended at DPC earlier this year. I have been studying photography for just over two years and I have to say that I have learned more through DPC in the last few months than I have for the balance of the two years and through several other institutions and short courses that I have attended in Gauteng. This covers not only the wedding workshop but indeed every course I have studied through DPC so far. (and more to come!!) DPC is a highly professional organisation that pays attention to every detail, from course material, to venues and photo shoot location, to outfit design and selection, to highly professional models and makeup and to professional tutoring and teaching. DPC is by far the best photographic school I have found and there is none to match. Thank you, Danie, Jenna and the rest of your team for always putting heart and soul into everything that you do.  I am eternally grateful for not only what I have learned from you, but for the fact that you don’t want to just teach students, but you welcome everyone into your school as friends and you are dedicated to ensuring that we all grow as photographers and individuals. Jenna, thank you for always arranging everything to absolute perfection. Danie, thank you for not just teaching me a text from a textbook, and setting on a camera, but instead you have taught me from your extensive experience with passion and joy to see me not just learn from you, but to be a much better photographer and person. You give 110% and more to everything that you have taught me.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything. I look forward to not only learning from your institution but to also calling you both friends and mentors. With gratitude,

Mark Horton, 2014-07-21


Shot of the year 2013! Thank you to the DPC Team and Danie Bester, you all run a very professional operation and I can’t wait to attend more courses! To those of you that don’t know DPC, join and go forward in your photography

Matthew Copham, 2014-01-20


“Hands down the best teachings and practicals in South Africa”

Liam Beeton (Facebook Review)


Thank you so much for a great course, Danie. I really enjoyed every class but especially enjoyed the practical classes in Newtown and Arts on Main. Those were just so exciting. You and the rest of your team are awesome teachers. Thanks Jenna for being so helpful and arranged the extra classes and certificates. Can’t wait to do more!

Amanda Rumney, 2013-09-12


“We are privileged to be part of the Photo Critic family!  Standards are very high and its members passionate about photography which gives us a foundation and the opportunity to share information, ideas, learn more and grow in our passion, my aim as well.  One should never stop growing and perfecting in everything we do in life, I believe.   I don’t think members always realize how difficult it is to do a crit on another brilliant photographers work who also have such passion for his/her photography!!   Nobody likes to hear what they have done wrong  or what they should have done as we all see the same shot differently.  Always remember we have this Photo Critic opportunity to better ourselves, learn and help one another which should be our focal point.  Thank you to everyone involved in this very special journey.”

Bruna Mentrup-Nortje


Big Thanks to DPC and Danie Bester. (Currently working on my personalized logo for my own photography bus). So you guys have planted the seed and may you all be there when I strike gold. DPC kicks ass!

Deanne Walker, 2013-08-20


I’ve been reflecting on my photography a bit today and there is something I want to share with our members today. I started photography 5 years ago trying to impress a girl at the time that was also into photography. Went out and bought the most expensive camera I could afford at the time and that is where it all started for me. Booked a course with DPC, not knowing a thing or where it would take me. I think I was Danie’s second photography class back then…. Never in a million years did I think this would become the passion it now is and furthermore that I will be making money out of it. The two points I want to make. The first is I want to thank DPC and Danie Bester who is now one of my best friends for investing time in me, without Danie and the DPC team there is no way I would have been close to where I am now, and I am still a long way off where I want to be. The second is for the guys only starting their journey. Keep at it guys, make use of the great resource that is DPC and put in the time and effort to grow your skill. You will be the only one holding you back from greatness! Don’t blame your kit, the economy of the country or the saturated photography market, there is a place for us all if you want it bad enough. Soapbox session done…

Trompie Van Der Berg on DPC’s Facebook Group, 2013-08-20


Danie, Kobus and I would like to thank you and your team on the fantastic Portraiture Bootcamp we recently attended with DPC as well as to congratulate you and your team on a fantastic output.  Everything was organised so well from the Themes, Makeup, Models, Sessions, Food, etc etc… I think what blew us away is that we could clearly see that there was a lot of planning and organising that went into these sessions and that is why we both felt that this affordable course is well worth every penny spent and has added undeniable value to both of us as enthusiastic photographers wanting to improve and advance in Portraiture Photography.  We are very grateful to have you share with us your knowledge and experiences and as you always remind us that DPC is a family this is very evident and we are proud to be part of the DPC family of photographers.  We are looking forward to growing in our craft through you and your team and our family of photographers.  We also wish DPC all the best success in the years to come, you guys certainly deserve it and Jenna deserves an award for all her hard work.

Lee Lahner & Kobus Bezuidenhout, 2013-06-18


“What differentiates Photo Critic from other similar sites is the emphasis on increasing the skills of the members. This starts with the highly professional critiques by Danie, Deon, Trompie and the others that generously give their time.  It is also the enthusiasm of the members to advance that adds and so to the quality of their images which is a tribute to the courses they have attended. The critiques extend and complement their value by creating an ongoing learning process. I study many of the postings and now do my own critique before studying the “Pro-Crit”- this discipline has helped me grow.  Thank you, Danie and your team for helping me develop.”

Mike Tagg


The Strobist Course that Trompie presents is a must!!!

Chris Watkins (Facebook Review)


Best course I have ever been on, everyone who love photography, should go through DPC, Danie, is FANTASTIC, saving up to do more courses with Danie love his work!

Bernadette Hall, 2013-06-05


“It is so true, the opportunity to be critiqued on our work, motivated by masters and the passion to keep on till we one day be masters who could share our passion with others….Thanks, Danie, Deon, Trompie and all other Photo Critic members, we are a family with a passion for photography, we are one!”

Willie van der Merwe


Just want to thank you guys for the strobist course I attended on the 24th. It was more than what I expected and I am just sorry I did not do it a long time ago. Trompie is a great teacher and I loved the course!

Ria Pretorius, 2013-02-25


I love taking photos and always get very happy snappy! I longed for a course that can provide me with principles to take photos that are beautiful and also meaningful. The Fine Art Photography Course truly changed the way I think about photography. It provided me with even more than I expected. I learned to focus on the “why” and not only the “how” when taking photos. It helped me to develop my own style, teased my imagination and triggered my lust for learning more and more about photography. Learning from great mentors and sharing this journey with other talented photography lovers made the course even more memorable. I made great friends sharing my passion. The exhibition was an unforgettable experience and the juicy red cherry on the cake. I can’t wait to sign up for the next course!!

Lorindi Joubert, 2013-02-15


Thanks to Danie and John for the great exhibition this weekend. The exhibits were awesome and the organization was great. Thanks to all that made it made it a great weekend, with special thanks to Santie and Lorindi for their part in the refreshments. Also big thanks for the course that has changed my thinking on photography. Great course guys.

Roger Chrichton, 2013-02-04


Thank you, Danie and John, for presenting this great course! It was a wonderful experience, and I’m definitely experiencing a new dimension in my work. But also to all my “course mates”, it was “nice” to work with all of you, getting to know you, sharing ideas and knowledge, but also having loads of fun!! 

Santie Korf, 2013-02-04


“Although I belong to a couple of similar sites, I find Photo Critic to be the only one where the photos are critiqued by people doing photography education and are therefore giving a fair “educational” crit and are not just looking at it from another photographer’s perspective, not that it is bad as it does give other people’s ideas. I have been on a couple of the Photo Critic  courses / outings and find them very informative and the lecturers really give a good perspective on the work. They also happen to be very nice guys. Thanks to the PC team for their input into my photos so far, although not that many yet, and I look forward to a long connection to Photo Critic”

Roger Chrichton


Thank you for your time and input in our course and exhibition – what a wonderful experience! – with Danie Bester and John Onderstall.

Annatjie Joubert Vd Merwe about the Intermediate Fine Art Photography Course, 2013-02-04


Great writers often shape our impressions of a place.
The place you implant in us excites me much.
So Bless this time you are spending,
With the gifts you can bestow.

Thanks a mil Danie BesterLooking forward to future accomplishments driven by your vision. This one was GREAT.

Allan M Gates about the Fine Art Photography Course, 2013-02-03


My experience regarding my recent strobist course with you was nothing short, other than scintillating and brilliant.

Trompie is a house of knowledge with a fresh outlook on outdoor lighting skills and technique, to me this was a breath of fresh air. His communication skills and class interaction made me comfortable and learning was fun. This I say without a hint of ‘sarcasm’ for the first time in my life I felt like a pro photographer. Thank you Trompie I look forward to doing more classes hosted by you..u are without a doubt an asset to DPC, I stand humbled.

Vee Singh


stunning day of shooting. Been a long time since we were challenged mentally like we were. The is no better way to learn than to use your camera… even with serious restrictions to test our abilities. Thanks, team, we need to do it again

Glenn Fouche


“There is no greater feeling than the email saying “you have been featured” or you have achieved “Shot of the week… ” To have the opportunity to see how other view the world is great and inspirational… Let’s never discount the value of receiving professional critique… inspirational and educational. I also find that there is now a platform to share my passion with other like-minded people… as family & friends get worn out fast and do not understand the technical aspects of this passion for photography. Thanks a million Danie, Deon and the Photo Critic team”

Glen Fouche


Thanks for a wonderful day yesterday, Danie and the DPC team. Your studio lighting course was brilliant! I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Leanne Dryburgh, 2012-09-23


I played with my studio lights on Saturday. Thanks to Danie a knew what I was doing. The photos are good. Not as great as yours, Danie but I’m getting there. Thank you, Danie, for teaching me what I know about photography.

Gail Zaaiman on Facebook, 2012-09-03


“Ons is almal voels van eenderste vere…die wereld daar buite, lyk vir ons beter deur die lens…en wat ons sien, deel ons graag met mede “photogs”. En Photo Critic is die leerskool waar ons interaksie het met hierdie kollegas van ons. Of ek pakslae oor n foto kry, en of ek Shot of the Week is, Photo Critic bly n leerskool…dankie aan al die duisend plus mede photogs by wie ek weekliks leer! Danie en Deon, klop julleself op die skouer!

Leon Pelser


I’ve also learned that you can take the most incredible photographs in run-down scrap yards, and how contradiction (with appropriate lighting) can make your photographs pop (e.g. beautiful model in a run-down or contradicting environment).

I have done two courses at a photographic college in Johannesburg prior.  While the course content was respectable, these were seriously lacking in practical components (besides homework) so your strobist workshop really stood out.  What I also found quite different is the supportive structure that DPC provides, both via the Photo Critic website and most importantly by both yourself and Danie Bester – specifically the passion you both have to share knowledge.  This is evident by many things such as offering your contact details to students after the workshop for assistance, reviewing the pictures that were taken at the workshop and providing comment, answering questions in detail that I emailed to you before even attending the workshop and offering to assist further.  While technology can do amazing things to help us grow, a website like Photo Critic is successful because of the people driving it.  Apologies for the lengthy email but I feel passionate when I see people driving great things.

Should you ever have any follow-up workshops I would be very keen to attend.  I’ve grown substantially from that one day workshop and subsequently bought a remote trigger, another light stand and light modifier in preparation for a shoot I did last week for a yoga studio.  The shoot was very successful and I am fortunate that your workshop preceded this.

Edan Topolansky, 19 Aug 2012


Ek wil net gou eers dankie sê vir alles wat ek by jou geleer het! Ek wil gou eers bietjie by jou spog en ook eer aan jou gee!  Ek het die Junior kategorie (Ster gradering 1-3) by die Rtb Fotografie Klub vir die jaar gewen. As dit nie vir alles was wat ek by jou geleer het nie sou ek dit nooit gemaak het nie.  Baie baie dankie, jy besef nie al dag wat dit vir ons beteken dat jy jou kennis met ons deel nie.  Ons sê ook te min dankie en vra te veel, maar nou ja … kyk waar sit Bernard vandag en ek voel ook baie trots om te sê ek het by Danie Bester Fotograaf geleer. Big big thank you!

Corne Lourens, 9 Jul 2012


Thanks for an awesome training session last night…. some things are beginning to make sense to me FINALLY.  Looking forward to the next session and in-between I shall be dreaming about Apertures, Shutter Speeds and ISO’s LOL.

Lee Bezuidenhout, 13 June 2012


Deon thanks for the chance to learn from Photo Critic, it has improved my skills and allows me to view the work of others again making me think, Long live Photo Critic”

Gary Petler


Ek wil ek jou bedank vir n lieflike kursus die afgelope 6 weke wat ons die voorreg gehad het om by te woon. Ons het so baie geleer, veral met die praktiese deel, en dit soveel geniet. Jou, en Deon se aanbiedings,  was uitstekend en jou werk Danie, uit die boonste rakke. Jy’s n mense mens met jou voete plat op die aarde en dis goed om jou te ken. Jy’t geweldig baie kennis wat my verstom.

Ons sien uit om jou te kom sien by die studio binnekort. Groete

Estelle Retief, 28 April 2012


Once again the inexpensive course was detailed and covered systematically, allowing for questions and comments. As always a highlight with DPC is the practical shoot after the theory is learnt, giving us students the chance to test out our new skills and leave with some additions to our portfolios.

I’m looking forward to my next learning experience with DPC.

Keith Engelbrecht, Feral Photography, 17 April 2012


16-year-old Bernard Pieterse, who did a basic photography course with DPC, was announced winner n the environment category in the youth competition of the Sony World Photography Awards!

Read the full article HERE


Baie dankie vir die studio workshop, Danie.  Dit was great en ek het baie geleer.  Dis selde dan iemand so bereid is om al hulle kennis met ander te deel.  Jou werk is absoluut top gehalte!!!

Dedrei Botha, 5 February 2012


I received my new best friend Christmas morning 2010.  We immediately fell in love but I had no idea what she had to offer.  All the buttons on my Canon 550 looked so confusing and the best I could do was to shoot in full auto. I knew that my new found friendship had a lot more to offer but instruction manuals just added to the confusion.  During a visit to Rustenburg, a friend told me about Danie Bester and that he was in Rustenburg conducting a basic introduction to photography course. The next moment I found myself 05:30 in a nature reserve photographing a beautiful waterfall and meeting the legendary Danie Bester. That morning the friendship with my Canon (yes, she does have a name) deepened, but I also made a new friend and mentor.  In those two, totally unplanned hours, I learned SO much and with the help of the administrators and members on Photo Critic, the professional and informative course material, the interesting links, blogs, forums on Photo Critic and the guidance of Danie I have grown so much not only as a photographer but also in personal capacity.

Thank you for introducing and guiding me through the wonderful world of photography.

Bea Geldenhuys, on Photo Critic, 20 January 2012


The Studio Lighting Workshop… This was a truly educational and fun workshop to attend, practical  involvement essential! Studio lighting makes so much more sense now! Just want to thank Danie for handling this workshop with so much professionalism and sharing his knowhow and experience with the class! The model too was easy to work with! A BIG Thumbs up from my side!

Ben Lombaard, 14 November 2011 on Photo Critic. View HERE


Studio Lighting Workshop… Hierdie studio workshop was awesome!!! Dankie Danie, ek het baie geleer. Dis moeilik om te kies tussen die setups, hulle is almal stunning, maar as ek nou moet kies sal dit Rembrandt & backlights with 2 strip lights wees. Hulle lyk ingewikkeld om te neem, maar is afterall baie simple. Dit toon drama en ek love it!!

Nicolene Top, 14 November 2011 on Photo Critic. View HERE


Pietman Muller on winning Digital Photography Courses | Photo Critic Shot of the Year competition…

“Thanks to all of you for your kind words and comments, not only now but throughout the year on all my attempts. I learned so much from all of you during this year. Photocritic is a fantastic service and it was a pleasure learning with – and from you all! I am so excited about the growth we can look forward to in the new year, I now have a couple of free workshops to help me even more. Thanks to Danie and his team for a fantastic year!”

Pietman Muller, 21 October 2011

View the winners images here: Shot of the Year 2011 Competition

I want to thank you for the excellent photography course which fulfilled all my needs. Someone saw some of my photos which I took during our practical outing to Sandton on Facebook and requested to publish it on Gauteng’s website with a short article. Just show you, it is not what you know, but who you know. Lol. This is a compliment to you and Deon. 

Henning Gouws on Facebook, 2011-08-30 


Danie, thanks again for an AWESOME weekend! Geez, I don’t recall when last I had so much fun! Teaching photography comes so naturally to you –  your passion and dedication certainly come through very clearly!

Paul Drews, Old Joe’s Kaia


Photographic Weekend Breakaway hosted by Old Joe’s Kaia, facilitator  Danie Bester

 I came to the conclusion that one can never say that you know enough, or that you are too professional to learn more about photography.  This weekend breakaway to Old Joe’s Kaia in Schoemanskloof, covered so many aspects of photography, as it was very well presented with some serious learning, but also with a lot of fun moments!  Everything was just right, from the welcoming, briefings, practical shoots and insider professional tips, to the accommodation, superb food and hospitality from Paul and Marian from Old Joe’s Kaia.  I am so great full that I was part of this wonderful experience.

I have learnt a lot about my equipment, how to pick the right gear for the job and the importance of deciding where your focus should be.  One learns so much more when a professional photographer stands next to you, with a patient ear and willingness to share information to better your photography skills.

I am so excited about my photography and would like to recommend everyone to go on a photographic breakaway with Danie Bester.  It is really worth the time and money … and even more!

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best!

Cornè Lourens, 2011-06-17


Net terugvoer oor die lightroom kursus gou…. Dis altyd lekker om terugvoer te kry. Venue was uitstekend…. dankie vir Cornè.  Tydsbenutting en bestuur: tot op die minuut betyds en dit was lekker dat die horlosie nie nagejaag is nie.  Baie maal by ‘n kursus kry mens die idee dat die aanbieder so gou as moontlik almal daar uit wil he, sodat hy kan aangaan met sy dinge.  Hier was dit glad nie die geval nie.  Inteendeel die kursus het oor sy tyd geloop. Relevansie: al die inligting was tot op die punt deurgegee en daar is nooit afgedwaal nie. Inhoud: Uitstekend! Deon is regtig baie welbelese en het uitstekende kennis en ervaring! van een dosent tot ‘n ander…. I bow down…. brilliant

Waarde vir geld: Baie beslis

Aanbeveel: JA!!

Ida Neto, 2011-05-12


Hi, Deon. Many thanks for the very informative and practical Lightroom Course on Saturday. I highly recommend this course; even if one is not interested in editing photographs; the cataloguing capabilities of Lightroom are impressive.

John Taylor, 8 May 2011


Wou net se vreeslik baie baie dankie vir ‘n fantastiese Photoshop kursus, het dit baie geniet, en speel / edit nou sommer baie lekker. Wens net daar was meer ure in die dag.

Jolandi Van Tonder, 19 April 2011


“Fantastic I really learned a lot from the course, I came expecting grade 1 studio course instead I got a tertiary studio course. hope to come back again for another course surely”

Tshepo Maredi, 16 April 2011


Dear Jenna & Danie

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both. The basic photography course I gave Richard as a Christmas present was the best gift ever! He thoroughly enjoyed the class and is sooo enthused [it’s driving us mad], but hey that was the main aim.  Thank you to you both for the best Christmas present I could ever have given my husband.

God Bless your business into the future.

Denise Stanley, 13 April 2011


Thanks Deon for the positive comments, and special thanks to Danie as there is no way I could have taken this shot a short month ago.  The course has been great and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to take their photography further.

Posted by Mark Oehley, 15 March 2011


“I ‘ve completed a number of courses  through Digital Photography Courses and  it has  dramatically improved my photography knowledge and skills!  Danie, Deon and Mia are highly talented professionals who  are happy to share knowledge and contribute to your career as a photographer!”

Bernice Thorn, 25 February 2011


Dear Danie, Thank you for a really informative, thorough and well explained individual course / lesson on Friday. I learnt so much and have been thoroughly inspired not only by the course but also by your amazing work you are truly a very talented artist- not just a photographer!

It really was great meeting you and Jenna- thank you so much for your hospitality and lovely food!. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you and hope to see you in the near future.

Take care and thanks again for a super day.

Angie Henderson, 4 September 2010


Ek het navorsing gedoen voordat ek op ‘n leermeester besluit het.  Daar is honderde fotograwe, institusies en colleges wat hul opleiding aanbied.  Ek het Danie Bester Fotografie ontdek en kan nie dankbaar genoeg wees daaroor nie.  Ek admireer hul styl en “editing”  van hul fotos.  Dit het my gemotiveer om met hulle kontak te maak vir verdere fotografie opleiding om my eie vermoëns te verbeter.  Ek moet bysê dat hulle wel baie ver van my af is; ongeveer 100km, maar afstand maak nie vir my saak as ek myself daardeur kan verbeter nie. Met my eerste kontak met Danie Bester Fotografie was ek beindruk met hulle vriendelike en akkomoderende gesindheid.  Ek het my eerste individuele sessie geboek vir ‘n “flash” klas, want ek wou graag weet hoe om” flash” met “ambient” lig te integreer.  Ek het die opleiding uitstekend gevind.  Danie en lede van sy gesin (wat Mia sy seun en Jenna sy vrou insluit) is by die besigheid betrokke, en almal is baie vriendelik en hulpvaardig.  My tweede individuele sessie was vir photoshop en lightroom.  Danie en Mia is meesters op hierdie gebied, en is hulle werk  soos kunsstukke wat my aanspoor om my fotos ook so te laat lyk.  Alhoewel ek nie  heeltemaal onkundig was met photoshop en Lightroom nie, het  ek soveel nuwe dinge bygeleer wat vir my nuwe wêrelde oopgemaak het. Met elke kursus wat ‘n mens doen moet jy toepas wat jy geleer het anders gaan die kennis verlore.  Danie en Mia het hul goed van hul taak gekwyt, en kan  ek hulle ten sterkste aanbeveel vir enige kursus wat hulle aanbied.  Hulle bereidwilligheid om te help kweek vrymoedigheid om met hulle kontak te maak wanneer jy hulle nodig het.  Vir my is Danie Bester Fotgrafie ‘n aanwins in my lewe as opkomende en aspirerende fotograaf.

Amelia Bodenstein, 18 November 2010


Ek is tans besig met die fotografie kursus vir beginners wat deur Danie en Deon aangebied word en geniet elke oomblik daarvan en kan gewoonweg nie wag vir die volgende Dinsdagaand se klas nie. Alhoewel die kursus op ‘n baie basiese vlak begin en lekker informeel aangebied word, is ek oortuig dat dit enige iemand wie regtig in fotografie belangstel gemaklik tot vryskut-vlak kan neem.

My eie belangstelling in digitale kameras het maar baie onlangs begin, het nog nie eens ‘n spesifieke voorkeur of genre nie. Op hierdie stadium neem ek enigiets af wat beweeg óf lank genoeg stilstaan; vanaf skulpies tot mense – iets wat ek nooit kon doen voor die koms van digitale foto’s nie. Die gevolg is natuurlik dat ek deur die lens van my geluk (Nikon D80) die afgelope jaar of wat baie foto’s geneem het wat vergete iewers op my rekenaar se hardeskyf ‘n rusplek moes vind. Dis vir my nou erg lekker om ‘n paar van hulle hier te mag laai en al geniet ek dit ook vreeslik baie om ‘n kompliment te kry vir ‘n kiekie wat ek geneem het, gaan ek jou opregte opbouende kritiek baie meer waardeer.

Eureka Hollander, 15 August 2010 (Photo Critic)


Thank you so much, Danie, for such an AWESOME course. During the past couple of weeks, I have learned more than I could have hoped to learn in my first Photography course. You have a great teaching technique and you motivated and inspired me to become the best photographer I can possibly be – in time though obviously.I still have a long way to go but thanks to you and the course you put together you have given me the perfect foundation to kick start my journey in photography and I look forward to doing another one of your courses.I look at things in a different perspective now and I am always taking note of things around me to capture. I think the thing I learned the most – apart from aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering, focusing and all the other settings – was to not be afraid of my camera and what people think of my pictures, but have the confidence to be daring and adventurous with my shots and allow constructive criticism from experienced photographers in order for me to improve, grow and learn as much as I can.

Thank you for inspiring me to want to follow my dream of photography, Danie. I appreciate it and I will do my best to work on and improve on everything you have taught me.

Nicola Evans, 8 April 2010


Danie, you have been such an inspiration and I will never forget what you have taught me. Thank you for making the course so interesting. Your love and passion for photography inspired me. I look with new eyes to the world around me because of you. May God bless you.

Marinda Oberholzer, 14 March 2010


Six weeks well spent is all I can say.  My husband and I signed up for a beginner photography course with Danie Bester in January 2010.  It ran for 6 weeks, every Wednesday night with three practical sessions on selected weekendsFrom the start Danie made all of us feel relaxed and part of the experience.  He went beyond and above the call of duty.  He added additional videos, advice and tips that just added to the whole experience.  Danie approach to the course was professional but with a personal touch.Having a fancy SLR camera and not knowing how to use it can be very frustrating.  To get a well-rounded understanding of basic photography and an appreciation for the art of photography I definitely recommend this course.  The course covered ISO, aperture, shutter speed settings and how they all work together.  We learnt about light metering, white balance and depth of field.  He taught us about composition and creative technique.  He specifically focused on portraiture, landscape and night photography and even if you are not really into those genres’s you can still apply the techniques learnt to any other form of photography.  In fact, I was not really into night photography but now I’m hooked.

Being very knowledgeable about camera equipment Danie was able to give good advice when choosing to buy camera gear.  You can pick his brain on anything.

We were only 12 students attending this particular course and because of this Danie was able to give us personal attention.  On our photo shoots, he was very hands on when helping us choose our settings correctly.  He had a personal interest in everyone and made sure that we were all taken care of.

Danie did not just stick to the course material but added many extra little things for our benefit.  When asking advice, he was always willing to assist.  Danie helps you appreciate photography for the art form that it is. He shared DVD’s on other photographers work and their styles.  He helped us in starting to develop our own style which is so important.

At the end of the course, he encouraged all of us to carry on with our photography and not just stop there.  He gave us helpful tips to create our own portfolio even though it was a hobby for most of us.  Having a portfolio is important because there is no use in having hundreds of good photos but no one sees it.  Good photography should be displayed and the photographer should be recognized.

Celeste Engelbrecht,  3 March 2010


“I have been interested in photography for years and even owned a Film SLR before, but never really got the hang of it. Film was so expensive and the price of development too steep for me. I thought the camera would be so damn smart that it would do all the “magic” on my behalf. I later replaced the SLR for a digital point & shoot camera. Eventually, I got a digital SLR and promised myself that, this time, I would invest in a photography course. Why pay so much money for a camera and you don’t know how to use it?What I liked about the basic photography course is that it was practical, spontaneous and motivating. Apart from the theory, Danie shared experience, tips and creativity with us. Even though I thought I knew the basics before, I only really understand now which settings to make and what choices I have for different types of photos. I am certainly more knowledgeable and inspired after the course.

Pieter Van Heerden (translated from Afrikaans), 1 March 2010


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the studio workshop on Saturday 16 June 2010. The course was quite informative and I really learned a lot about lighting. I already knew some of the things, which I have learned in books, but to experience it practically made it completely different. After such a course, I realized how much there are to learn and I know I would not remember everything, but I know the secret is to keep on practicing what you have learned and build up experience. I want to compliment you on your relaxed and laid back way of presentation. I have been involved in teaching and know the importance of connecting with your students. You made me feel comfortable. I really learned a lot and already started playing around today with some of the things I have learned.

Michael Vorster,  17 January 2010

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