DPC consistently receive five out of five star reviews, but don’t take our word it, see for yourself!


Why DPC is rated one of South Africa’s top photography schools

There are no other photography schools in SA quite like DPC. Over the years we have established not just a large number of students, but a loyal family of photographers. Since 2010 we have presented two and a half thousand beginner photography courses. We presented over two thousand specialist photography workshops to individuals, of which most were returning students. Considering our retention rate, consistent five-star reviews and testimonials, we can safely claim to be South Africa’s top photography school.

And yes, we are indeed most grateful for our happy and loyal students. Despite our successes, we promise to never be complacent and to continually look for ways to enrich your experience with us. We value your feedback: please rate us on Facebook, or keep on sending us your reviews.


DPC consistently get five out of five star reviews, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

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Here are a few of our favourite photography course reviews and testimonials from the past year.

I have great news. I have been accepted to take part in PhotoSchweiz 2019. This is the largest photo exhibition in Switzerland, taking place every year in January. Danie, I could not have done this without your mentorship and guidance throughout my photo journey. I am hoping that this is the first of many!

Nadia de Lange

I would like to give a very huge shout out to DPC, Danie and John Fox. I have done almost every course DPC had to offer and just finished the advanced course. WOW! This was by far the best and most inspiring, laugh till you cry, fun and interesting course I have ever done. I thought it was going to be a long course, but it flew by so quickly and I truly wish it was longer. My photography has improved so much since starting this course and it has taken a whole new direction. If you are serious about your photography, do the advanced course, after you’ve done the Basic to Intermediate Course. The Developing a Personal Photography Style series will also help a lot. Be like Nike. Just do it!

Nicolene Theunissen

It was a great privilege for me to meet you and I would like to share my appreciation for what I experienced in your classes. I’ve been doing photography since 2006, as a side job for extra income, after completing a photography course locally. In 2011, I attended an Advanced Photography and Professional Photography course, through an institution in the UK.

However, my experience with the classes I’ve completed with DPC so far, have been on a completely different level; the main difference being your passion for equipping and educating people. This makes your classes stand out far above the others.

Vanessa Kruger

I attended the Newborn Photography class and it was AWESOME! The facilitator Robyn is AMAZING, so passionate and knowledgeable. The course is a perfect combo of theory and the most AMAZING practical on little babes. Jenna was the perfect host as well. I’m loving this journey and hope you guys will too!!!

Kay Dhajee

Having experienced your passion, not only for photography, but also for people and helping them, I have no doubt that whatever you endeavour will be a roaring success. Doing a course through DPC always felt like dealing with people and not an institution. Please never lose that, it is a competitive edge. Living out in the sticks I don’t get to attend as many courses I would like to, and I am looking forward to your online content.

Marius van Aardt

Danie, my sincere thanks for inviting me to attend the portrait practical session. It was the most meaningful day of the year.  Today I gained more knowledge than in all the preceding months!

Having trained language teachers [English and Afrikaans] at the University of Pretoria and lecturing in computer-assisted teaching, I am well versed in instruction and learning theory; I know how learners learn. You are an exemplary mentor and know exactly how to communicate with your students.  Conducting an analysis of your instructional style should produce interesting insights. Your passion for photography is obviously your greatest asset.  You are a far greater force in many people’s lives than you probably realise.

Prof. Tinus Kühn

Trompie, thank you for the wonderful experience and all your knowledge you shared with me this weekend, it was truly the best money I have ever spent. I have a much better understanding and knowledge through your teaching style now. You certainly spoke my language and your openhearted approach made me feel comfortable and at ease. I love the way you also incorporated all the aspects in a real-life scenario. I would recommend you and DPC to everyone.

Julia Theunissen

Every DPC Courses has inspired and taught me way more than any other course I’ve attended. The difference is the lecturers are incredibly talented and have so much passion and they are so willing to share their knowledge and experience. They want to nurture you and see you grow. It feels like they take you in and you become part of a very special family.

Eloise Leask

I started doing courses at DPC six years ago and want to thank Danie and the DPC team for this exciting journey and the tremendous influence they had on my photography career. The Architectural and Interior Photography Course in particular, changed my life as I am now being commissioned to do photo projects of renovations and work for estate agents and lifestyle publications. 

Amora Adank Erasmus

I was there last night for the Expanding your Vision class, and absolutely enthralled. Was SO sorry when 10 pm came along. My goodness what a wonderful way of looking at photography. Could not fall asleep when I finally got to bed. Thank you!

Ann McClelland

Thanks to Danie, Jenna, Trompie, Warren, and of course, Shawn. You all had such a big impact on what I am doing today. The only thing that I regret, is not meeting DPC earlier in my life.  Thanks to you all, I am now a full-time photographer and I love my job!

Melisa Scheepers

To anyone out there that wishes to learn more about or improve their current level of photography, I highly recommend you make the time to attend this valuable course. I have done several courses through DPC and keep going back for more. Danie and his team are knowledgeable and generous with their time and info. Above all, they are ethical and truly motivated by your progress.

Renate Jute

My people! The pizza example for explaining the aperture value really helped me to understand the concept. Thanks, Danie for the creative lecture.


About 4 years ago I experienced a frustrating and almost career ending burnout. I decided to try and reboot my creative eye and went on a course with Danie at DPC. This course turned out to exactly what I needed to jump start my love for photography and a desire to move my work into a new direction. I will always be grateful.

Tim Moolman