A mind-blowing photography workshop by one of South Africa’s most prolific visual storytellers, Andre Badenhorst:

  • Become a visual storyteller; learn the art of conceptual photography

  • Learn the ins and outs of creating thought-provoking portraits

  • Learn how to work effectively with other creatives as part of a team

  • Learn to use colour and light effectively to create mood

About the Conceptual Portraits Course

Conceptual photography is not easy to master. It is one of the most imaginative forms of photography and requires a comprehensive visual vocabulary. Then there are the technical aspects like camera, gear and lighting setups. Completing this course will leave you with a clear understanding of what is required to become a conceptual photographer − from conceptualisation steps to finalising your masterpiece. Spend the first day with Andre, while he provides an in-depth discussion of his own work, style and processes. He will share more than a decade’s practical insight regarding the storytelling process: from planning, teamwork, creating a particular look and feel, set and prop design, makeup, wardrobe, colour, lighting, cameras, and specialist gear. Day 2 is the highlight of the course and involves a practical shoot with a styled model under Andre’s direction and guidance. The course is concluded with a demo edit by Andre.

Presented by

Andre Badenhorst, Fujifilm and Godox Brand Ambassador.

If you have not heard of Andre, you have not seen South African rock and roll stars. Name them, he has shot them and had shots with them. Fokofpolisiekar, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow − he is the go-to guy for anything conceptual, artistic and pure rock fury. Twelve years and 28 awards later (do not ask him, he is a modest man) Andre continues to push the boundaries of conceptual photography one click at a time. Always the same in real life or behind the camera, his motto is rocking and rolling, being honest and true.

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This was an absolutely fantastic workshop and I feel truly grateful that I was able to be a part of it. Andre Badenhorst is an awesome guy backed by a fantastic team who are all generous with their knowledge and experience and keen to share it with participants. Being able to witness and experience a shoot like this from conceptualisation to final output was invaluable to me. I will definitely attend this course again at some point in the future.

Sharon Cunningham

Key aspects

The most important aspects covered in the Conceptual Photography Course:

Introduction to Conceptual Photography.

Creativity and Passion Projects.

Client Brief and Planning.

Collaboration and Team Work.

Set-building and Props.

Designing a Look and Feel.

Colour schemes that work.

Makeup and Wardrobe.

Posing and Body Language.

Lighting setups and photography gear.

Digital Workflow and Editing (Discussion).

Practical Shoot.

Demo edit.

Who is this course for?

Photographers with intermediate and advanced skillsets who want to expand their craft and become visual storytellers of note. If you have already tried Conceptual Photography and could not produce images you were completely happy with, this workshop will provide you with solid guidelines and a working knowledge of the process required to create conceptual portraits.


R4 900 per person. R800 discount for ex-DPC students. 

Lunch and refreshments included.

Course duration

2-Day weekend workshop.


A DSLR or mirrorless camera with a portrait lens. It is expected that attendees should have a working knowledge of their cameras, as well as experience with flash or studio lighting. Solid digital workflow and retouching techniques will be required to create a consistent look and feel after the course.

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