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Learn the art of newborn wrapping and how these techniques can be used to settle your tiny client

  • Newborn safety 101 to ensure that your client’s safety is always put first

  • Understand the different types of lighting and how lighting is used to compliment your images

  • Use elements and props to create beautifully composed and timeless images

  • Safe beanbag and prop posing as well as parent and sibling posing

About the Newborn Photography Course

Newborn photography and working with tiny brand-new humans can easily become overwhelming and intimidating for beginners and even for some intermediate photographers too. This workshop will help you understand all the key elements needed, as well as tips and tricks you should know to successfully create beautiful images that you and your clients will love and treasure.

Presented by

Robyn Prevost has been specialising in the art of newborn photography for 5 years and has been recognised both locally, by the AIA awards, and internationally, by the Certified Newborn photographers and the International newborn photography association (INPA).

Early in Robyn’s career, she fell in love with creating pieces of art, of her tiny clients. She has strived for beautiful and timeless images that parents can reflect back on and remember how tiny their baby once was.

Key aspects covered

Day 1: Theory day

  • Basic marketing
  • Wrapping techniques
  • Baby safety
  • Lighting


  • Beanbag posing
  • Prop posing
  • Styling
  • Parents and siblings posing

Day 2: Practical day

  • Practical shoot on a SIB (Stand in baby) to go through a shoot with you step by step
  • Practical shoot on a real baby

For whom is this Course

Beginner and intermediate photographers who want to expand their knowledge and skill-set on photographing newborns. If you have already tried photographing newborns and felt a little overwhelmed, this workshop will help you become calmer, more creative and effective with your next newborn client.

Course Duration

2-Day Weekend Workshop


MCademy Training Institute | 1034 Saxby Ave, Centurion (Opposite Eldoraigne Village Shopping Centre)


R2 800 per person. R500 discount for ex-DPC students.

Lunch and refreshments included.


A DSLR or Mirrorless camera with a portrait lens. It is expected that attendees should know the basics of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering, focusing, etc. If you do not yet understand the basics, we recommend that you take a look at our Basic – Intermediate Photography Courses.

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