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We’ve never lived in a more visual society and despite the remarks we so often hear that “everyone is a photographer now”, we at DPC believe that there is, in fact, a growing need for skilled photographers and image creators. With the sheer volume of visual content that drives social media which is required to keep large and small businesses afloat, photography has become an essential skill. To be competitive in a fast-changing world, having photography skills will give you an edge. Whether you want to be a fulltime professional photographer or just an image creator, our photography courses will assist you to conceptualise, create, and stay up to date with advancing visual technologies.


If you’re a complete beginner or have little experience with photography, we recommend you start with our Basic to Intermediate Photography Course, which has also been adapted into a photography course for teens. After the basic course, we strongly recommend the Lightroom Course which is the starting point for managing your photos and basic editing thereof. Going beyond the basics, we recommend the Basic Photoshop and Beginner Wildlife courses. The final fundamental course, the Advanced Photography Course, opens a whole new world of creative possibilities and is the perfect crossover into the world of advanced photography.

basic photography course

Basic to Intermediate Photography Course
Part Time – 10 Sessions

Master the fundamental aspects of photography and so much more. Learn how to see with a camera and use the advanced program modes to creatively capture photos. Take part in three practical outings where we shoot Portraits, Landscapes and Nightscapes. (Photography 101)

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lightroom course, adobe lightoom workshop

Adobe Lightroom Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

Learn how to use Lightroom, top to bottom. We cover all the important aspects of digital workflow and portfolio management from importing, sorting, managing and retouching, to exporting images for print and online applications. Retouch different types of images, from portraits, landscapes, architecture, wildlife etc. (Adobe Lightroom 101)

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photoshop course, adobe photoshop workshop

Basic Photoshop Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop for photographers. Covering all the most important aspects of creative retouching; from basic retouching tools to advanced retouching tools; including working with selections, layers and masks. (Adobe Photoshop 101)

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photography courses for teens

Photography Course for Teens
Part Time – 10 Sessions

The basic to intermediate photography course is tailored to your teen’s needs and stimulates creativity and the imagination. This course equips teenagers with the foundational elements of photography and inspires them to become passionate photographers. (Photography 101)

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beginner wildlife photography course

Beginner Wildlife Photography Course
Part Time – 5 Sessions

This course is for wildlife enthusiasts who would like to make the most of their time in the wild and turn their snapshots into great shots. We cover the most important creative and technical aspects related to wildlife and avian photography. The course ends with a one-day practical session. (Wildlife Photography 101)

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advanced photography course

Advanced Photography Course
Part Time – 10 Sessions

This course is ideal if you already understand the basic aspects of your camera and want to step up your technical skills and master your camera completely.  We go beyond the basics; focus on complex camera techniques and processes, as well as creative and visual aspects. (Photography 102)

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Digital photography requires solid technical skills, visual mastery, and computer skills. To become a complete photographer, you have to master all three of these rapidly evolving fields. To stand out in a competitive world where everyone who has a mobile phone is a photographer of some sorts, requires serious inspiration, hard work, and specialised training. Once you’ve mastered the basics, sign up for more specialised photography workshops. These highly practical classes go beyond the fundamental aspects and zero in on expert topics, which is vital for the budding photographer or someone who wants to earn money from photography.

on-location lighting course

On-Location Lighting Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

Learn how to use reflectors, speedlights and portable strobes as an extension to your camera and vision when shooting portraits on location. Covering all the important aspects pertaining to speedlights like TTL and manual flash settings for on-camera and off-camera shooting. (On-Location Lighting 101)

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studio lighting course

Studio Lighting Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

This practical hands-on course is ideal for photographers who would like to learn how to shoot portraits in the studio. Covering all the most important aspects of the studio environment, camera settings and lighting equipment. You will personally get the opportunity to set up the lights, direct, and shoot a model under the guidance of a pro. (Studio Lighting 101)

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conceptual portrait photography course

Conceptual Portrait Photography Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

This course will leave you with a clear understanding of what is required to become a conceptual photographer; from conceptualisation steps to finalising your masterpiece. (Conceptual Portraits 101)

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wedding photography course

Wedding Photography Course
5-Day Weekend Workshop

This extensive course is presented by two of SA’s top wedding photographers. Focusing on the business, creative, and digital aspects of wedding photography to set you on your way to becoming a successful wedding photographer. (Wedding Photography 101)

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posing 101 course

Portrait Posing Course
1-Day Weekend Workshop

Posing is perhaps one of the most neglected and challenging skills any portrait photographer could have. Improving your posing skills and finding a posing system that works will improve your self-confidence dramatically when directing a model, or a couple. (Posing 101)

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newborn photography course

Newborn Photography Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

This workshop will help you understand all the key elements needed, as well as tips and tricks you should know to successfully create beautiful newborn images that you and your clients will love and treasure (Newborn Photography 101)

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architecture and interior photography course, interior photography course

Architecture and Interior Photography Course
4-Day Weekend Workshop

Learn to shoot Commercial Properties and Real Estate. Covering all the important aspects of planning your shoots, specialist equipment, lighting techniques, composition, digital workflow, and retouching. The highlight of the course is two days on location, shooting Architecture and Interior Spaces. (Architecture Photography 101)

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advanced photoshop course


Advanced Photoshop Course
2-Day Weekend Workshop

This workshop elaborates on aspects covered in the Basic Photoshop Course while introducing other advanced techniques such as Transformation Tools, Smart Objects and non-destructive Smart Filters for intricate retouching and composites. (Adobe Photoshop 102)

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macro photography course

Macro Photography Course
1-Day Weekend Workshop

We will help you understand the terminology, equipment and accessories involved in shooting macro and close-up images. We cover everything from advanced shooting techniques and lighting through to post-processing including a practical session at the end of the day. (Macro Photography 101)

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Our creative programme is designed for people who want to discover the multiplicity of styles and approaches in the world of photography. This course consists of four separate modules that focus on artistic photography. Throughout these creative photography classes, we emphasise design principles, visual language and storytelling principles. Through a series of visually inspiring classes, we teach our students how to create photos that evoke feeling and imagination. The course culminates in a solid presentation on photography projects and how to best present your work online, or in print. The programme consists of  separate modules which can be completed separately, or you can opt to book for the complete Creative Programme in advance and save 25%!

expanding your vision

Developing a Visual Vocabulary
2-Part Evening Classes

Danie Bester covers the foundational aspects of vision, visual composition, and developing a visual vocabulary. In the process of dissecting a series of eye-opening photos created by some of the world’s most renowned photographers, he shows how we can drastically improve our own photos by following similar principles and processes. (Creative Photography 101)

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visual storytelling

Visual Language and Storytelling Concepts
3-Part Evening Classes

This series elaborates on aspects briefly introduced in the “Expanding your Vision” series. It will enable photographers to tell better stories through thoughtfully applying the key principles of visual language and communication. It takes you beyond the mere aspects of visual composition and will help you to get your intended message across to the viewer and create images with impact and feeling. (Creative Photography 102)

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developing a personal photography style

Developing a Personal Style and Photography Projects
2-Part Evening Classes

Danie Bester covers the aspects of conceptualising a personal photography style. He elaborates on how to use photography projects as the vehicle to create a unique visual style. A highlight of the series is a set of sophisticated tests, which are completed afterwards and will help each student to discover and fine-tune their personal styles. (Creative Photography 103)

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photography portfolios, printing and presentation

Photography Portfolios,
Printing and Presentation

2-Part Evening Classes

John Onderstall resumes where the Developing a Personal Style series ended, with an in-depth coverage of the photography portfolio. He discusses the principles and philosophy of photography portfolios while showing actual samples, including creative ways to show off your work. (Creative Photography 104)

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We offer private photography classes for individuals and small groups. These are ideal for novices who cannot attend the group classes, or for more experienced photographers who would like to get special, in-depth training in specific areas.

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