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Learn Studio Lighting

Master Studio Photography and learn to shoot stunning portraits in the Studio

  • Master ALL the most important and nitty gritty aspects of studio photography; starting with planning, choosing the best light setups and directing your subjects in the studio

  • Let us help you to decide on how to equip your studio, and which gear and accessories to choose

  • Learn to effectively troubleshoot common problems every studio photographer will encounter

  • Learn the standard lighting setups from which all studio setups are derived i.e. Broad, Short, Butterfly, Rembrandt, Loop, and Split!

  • Learn how to apply corrective lighting for various face types and choose the best lighting setup to make your subjects look their best

  • Personally take charge of the lighting setups and directing a model under guidance of an instructor

About the Studio Lighting Course

This practical hands-on course is ideal for photographers who would like to learn how to shoot portraits in the studio. We’ll cover all the most important aspects of the studio environment, camera settings and lighting equipment. You will personally get the opportunity to set up the lights, direct, and shoot a model under the guidance of a pro! After completing this course, you will have the practical knowledge and confidence to shoot in the studio on your own.

Course Details

  • Small groups with a maximum of 12 people who each get to work personally with all the equipment and direct a studio shoot.
  • Day 1: Hands-on presentation focusing on the studio environment, camera settings, studio equipment, quality and direction of light
  • Day 2: You get to participate and direct a practical shoot, covering all the most important portrait lighting setups. We emphasize typical problems you may encounter in the studio, which will enable you to solve them effectively when you’re shooting on your own in the studio.
  • Exclusive access to the Studio Photographers Group on our social network Photo Critic for ongoing support even after you finish your course

Key Aspects Covered

  • Planning a studio shoot.
  • Detailed layout and practical explanation of the studio environment and lighting equipment.
  • Cameras settings, tethered shooting and using a light meter.
  • Lighting the background.
  • Quality and direction of light using various light shapers and modifiers. 
  • Effectively capture images according to your vision with the least equipment. 
  • Using lighting ratios to create accurate and dramatic portraits in the shortest possible time.
  • Basic lighting systems.
  • Portrait setups i.e. Broad, Short, Split, Loop, Rembrandt, and Butterfly lighting.
  • Preventative measures for problems you may encounter in the studio.
  • Hand-outs: Quick guide, an e-book of the course content, including lighting setups and diagrams.

Course Duration

2-day weekend workshop

For whom is this Course

Photographers who would like to learn all the important aspects of shooting portraits in the studio and how to set up a studio


  • A digital SLR camera or mirrorless camera with full manual control.
  • Basic – intermediate understanding of how to set up your camera i.e. able to change ISO, shutter speed, aperture, access the various focusing modes etc.


R3, 100 per person. R500 Discount for Photo Critic members

Upcoming Studio Lighting Courses for 2018

  • 07 July – 08 July


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