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Starting a hobby or career in photography? We have the right photography courses for you

Participate in photography outings to challenge and inspire you

We offer more practical excursions than any other photography school

Small and friendly photography classes with a strong focus on practical learning

Cutting edge photography workshops by top professional photographers

Community-based! Where students become friends and family


DPC offers a complete range of photography courses; from fundamental to advanced and professional photography classes. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer, we have a course for you. 

basic photography course, introduction to photography

Basic - Intermediate Photography Courses

lightroom course, lightroom workshop

Adobe Lightroom Course

advanced photography course

Advanced Photography Course

photoshop course, photoshop workshop

Adobe Photoshop Course

creative photography classes

Creative Photography Programme

video course, videography course, video

Photography Course for Teens


flash-photography, on-location lighting course

On-Location Lighting Course

studio photography workshop, studio lighting course

Studio Lighting Course

conceptual photography, conceptual photography course

Conceptual Photography

newborn photography, newborn and baby photography, baby photography, baby photography courses, newborn and baby photography courses

Newborn and Baby Photography

wedding photography course, wedding workshop, wedding photography workshop, wedding photography

Wedding Photography Course

macro photography course, macro photography workshop, close-up, close-up photography course, close-up photography workshop

Macro Photography Course

architecture photography course, architecture photography, architecture photography course, architecture photography workshop, architecture and interior photography course

Architectural Photography Course

posing workshop, posing course

Posing Course 101

wildlife photography course, wildlife photography workshop,

Wildlife Photography Course


video course, videography course, video

Video Courses


Courses Overview

Excellent session! But so was the whole of the advanced course. Recommended to all who want to improve their photography skills and art. Thoroughly enjoyable and informative and I, for one, will never look at photography the same way I did before attending this course. Well done guys!

FC Greeff

I’ve come to a place in my photography where I was not feeling like I was achieving what I set out to do. The ideas are there, but delivering the final product wasn’t showing it. You are helping us to be more creative and understanding to feel the emotion beyond the shutter button. I can’t wait to start a project or two and use the knowledge you have passed over.

Natasha Booysen

Thank you for an amazing course. I learned so much, and feel inspired. The passion and care with which you treat your students are fabulous. I felt that you want us to succeed. The time you take to help us with Photo Critic, your Blog, Facebook etc, is most appreciated. This is truly your calling. I hope to have a long association with you as a student.

Karyn Taylor-Poole

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both. The basic photography course I gave Richard as a Christmas present was the best gift ever! He thoroughly enjoyed the class and is so enthused [it’s driving us mad], but hey that was the main aim. Thank you to you both for the best Christmas present I could ever have given my husband.

Denise Stanley

Once again the inexpensive course was detailed and covered systematically, allowing for questions and comments. As always a highlight with DPC is the practical shoot after the theory is learnt, giving us students the chance to test out our new skills and leave with some additions to our portfolios

Keith Engelbrecht

A big thank you, Danie, for a most interesting and thought-provoking course. Although I still have a long way to go in mastering the basic technicalities of photography, I believe it is never too early to start thinking of how you are going to turn your snapshots into photographs and maybe eventually into works of art.

John Griffin

Thank you, Danie Bester, for an amazing Basic Photography Course, for sharing your wisdom with us and teaching us so well! I highly recommend this course to everyone, whether you want to do it as a hobby or become a professional! I can’t wait to continue my journey with the DPC team.

Chrizelda Truter

Danie, jy en jou DPC span het ‘n groot impak op my fotografie as amateur gemaak. Danksy aan baie kursusse beweeg ek vorentoe en weg van “auto” af. Julle is ‘n inspirasie om groter te gaan met volharding en harde werk. Nogmaals sterkte met al die nuwe planne, ek kan nie wag vir die e-boek en aanlyn kursusse nie.

Hendrina Folscher

I see so many training workshops pop up with sub-par work and experience from the instructors. I am so glad about the product we deliver to our students. For us it is more than about the money, it is also a passion and a responsibility we do not take lightly. Our students become part of a family, they get value for money and our team truly are masters in their respective fields.

Trompie van der Berg

I’m so thankful that I found DPC when I first picked up a camera. I often wonder how different my journey would look without the input I’ve had from our instructors. Danie made it so much more than a technical skill. I’m so thankful to be part of a community that truly strives for excellence and doesn’t settle for just ok’ or ‘good enough’. I truly believe that we are getting to learn from the best.

Antoinette Reinecke


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