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Insects In Flight – Macro Photography Special

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Digital photography courses has seen a great improvement in the submitted macro images on the Photo Critic website. The standard of work is getting better and better with more challenging subject matter being submitted every week. One thing which certainly caught my eye was the work Chris Jones has been adding within the macro group page. What is unique about Chris’s work is the amount of images depicting insects mid-flight.

Photo of the Year 2011

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We got to Photo Critic's first Photo of the Year Competition. The winning shot went to Pietman Muller with his image "Klikbek". This was really an outstanding shot; a once in a lifetime moment captured by him. Elsje Wiid, one of the five judges, wrote, "Incomparable moment! There is a great amount of different textures with different focuses in the picture and this creates and interesting effect on the eye with a lot of focused detail, especially on the squirrel. The picture silently whispers an atmosphere of ‘awe.’ Perfect timing of capturing both animals in the right place - the space between the two contributes to the composition. The bug is amazingly frozen in the most perfect spot in the picture plane, with a fast shutter speed – the effect on the wings adds a bit of blur to the picture. Words can’t describe it. People have to view it to believe it" ~ Elsje Wiid.

10 macro and close-up images by Leon Pelser

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Today, we are featuring ten close-up and macro images of one of our top Photo Critic members, Leon Pelser. Leon excels in this type of photography, but is also quite versatile in other forms of photography. You can check out his Bio on the bottom of the page. In the meantime; here's some eye candy produced by him... Click on the titles if you would like to view each shot, with description on the Photo Critic network...

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