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This intensive program focuses on Visual Creativity. It is suitable for every type of photographer; whether you’re interested in Editorial, Commercial or Fine Art Photography, or simply want to expand your visual intelligence.

  • Learn to create cutting edge works of art, through the seeds of the old Masters 

  • Set your imagination and creativity free while discovering your own personal style and aesthetic 

  • Gain technical and visual mastery in the art of image making and luxurious print-making

  • Become more expressive and create thought-provoking and meaningful visual narratives

Danie Bester covers the foundational aspects of vision, visual composition, and developing a visual vocabulary. In the process of dissecting a series of eye-opening photos created by some of the world's most renowned photographers, he shows how we can drastically improve our own photos by following similar principles and processes.

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This creative workshop further elaborates on aspects briefly introduced in the "Expanding your Vision" series. It will enable photographers to tell better stories through thoughtfully applying the principles of visual language and communication. It takes you beyond the mere aspects of visual composition and will help you to get your intended message across to the viewer and create images with impact and feeling.

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Danie Bester covers, step-by-step, the aspects of creating and conceptualising a personal photography style. He elaborates on how to use photography projects as the vehicle to create a unique visual style. A highlight of the series is a set of sophisticated tests, which are completed afterwards and will help each student to discover, and fine-tune their personal styles.

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John Onderstall resumes where the Developing a Personal Style series ended, with an in-depth coverage of the photography portfolio. He discusses the principles and philosophy of photography portfolios, while showing actual samples as well as creative ways to show off your work. The course further elaborates on the printing process, with practical tips on choosing the best papers and printers. The series concludes with the topics of Presentation and Framing.

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