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About the Personal Photography Style Series

“Here’s the dilemma and the strength of photography. It is the easiest medium in which to be competent, but it is the hardest medium in which to have personal vision that is readily identifiable” – Chuck Close

Only a selected few photographers ever get to the point where they can say that they have developed a personal photography style. Finding (and refining) a personal photography style is an enormous challenge, even for some of the most experienced photographers out there.

Through this 6-hours course, Danie Bester covers, step-by-step, the aspects of creating and conceptualising a personal photography style. He elaborates on how to use photography projects as the vehicle to create a unique visual style. A highlight of the series is a set of sophisticated tests, which are completed afterwards and will help each student to discover, and fine-tune their personal styles.

Handouts: Participants will receive a complete set of notes, worksheets and exercises. 

About Danie Bester

Danie is the founder of DPC and Photo Critic. He is a well-respected photography educator and accomplished fine art photographer. His work has been included in the recent The Collector’s Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa. Recently, he has been hailed by Photo World Magazine as a “Knight of Photography as Art”. His philosophy about photography is that the camera is just a tool and that true creativity comes from inside and through studying and applying visual tools and principles.

The class came at the perfect time for me, well worth the wait. I couldn’t wait to get home and start researching for my assignments. It is just wow, always being blown away at the vast amounts of research you guys put into these courses for us. I love your dedication and cant wait for next week. Thank you so much, Danie Bester! Those who didn’t book this course, there is more coming up soon, go check out the dates on their website!!

Natasha Booysen, 2017-03-22

Probably the most inspirational course I have had the fortune to attend. Thank you, Danie!

Jackie O’Hare, 2017-03-28

For those of you who did not book for this amazing course, you don’t know what you have missed out on!! I don’t think Danie skipped on anything that I was not already struggling with for so many years. I walked out at the end of this amazing class, feeling so inspired and knew exactly what to do and where to start to improve my own photography.

Bruna Mentrup-Nortje, 2017-03-21


“It was amazing! Thank you, Danie! What I love is how you’ve given so much structure to helping us set goals for growth. I’ve been trying to research and learn and grow but often I feel like I’m all over the show. This is just what I needed! And it’s always fun to bask in your expert glow. One can hope that some of that talent will make its way to us through osmosis – lol!”

Antoinette Reinecke, 2017-03-20

It was clear that lots of thought and personal experience went into the development of this course. What a significant shortcut and turbo boost attending this course can represent in one’s photographic journey.

John Fox, 2017-03-21

I was absolutely so inspired! Everything was so well put and it makes one think about where we’re going with photography. I am so excited to do my research and develop my own style much more. It really was a brilliant class, looking forward to next week!

Saskia Schuttenberg, 2017-03-20

Key Aspects Covered

  • Learning about different styles
  • What is a personal style
  • Refining your style
  • Personal philosophy and artist statement
  • Developing a personal style and philosophy
  • Aptitude and natural gifting
  • Conceptualising your ideas
  • Photography projects; the complete cycle
  • The artist’s biography
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Curating, analysing and reviewing your work
  • Introduction to the photography portfolio
  • Workflow: Concept to Presentation


  • R750 per person paid in advance (EFT) 
  • Snacks and beverages included

Course Duration

2 Evening Classes (6 hours class time)

For whom is the course

This workshop is for everyone who would like to establish their own authentic photography brand; whether you’re focusing on commercial photography, shooting for clients, or working on your personal artistic vision.

Payment Details

To book, complete the registration details below. Your registration will be secured only once payment has been received. Payment to be made via EFT or direct bank deposit. You are welcome to call us on 079 520-4436 for Payment Arrangements. Payments to be made out to:

  • DPC & Photo Tours, Standard Bank Current Account
  • Account no… 021 454 884
  • Branch Code 012645

Proof of payment to be emailed to Please use your name and the course name as the reference.

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