Learn to use your camera to better tell your intended story through exploring more complex camera techniques and thinking processes

  • 13 classes consisting of interactive online sessions, self-study videos and a full day face-to-face practical excursion

  • Take a massive leap forward regarding the quality and creativity of your work

  • Master advanced camera techniques for maximum creative and artistic effect

  • Improve your visual intelligence dramatically through learning advanced composition and lighting techniques

  • Discover a new and fresh approach to shooting and thinking about your photography

  • Discover a perfect balance between the technical and creative aspects of photography

About the Advanced Photography Course

After shooting for a while, many photographers feel their growth plateaus. If you want to progress in your work, stop stagnating and take a massive leap forward by considering the advanced course. We will help you understand how to use your camera to better tell your intended story by exploring more complex camera techniques and applying new thinking to your photographic processes.

Mixed Online and Practical Sessions

The Advanced Photography Course is a hybrid course, meaning it is a mixture of interactive online classes, self-study and face-to-face sessions.

Course details

  • Focus beyond the basics and delve into advanced technical aspects, such as advanced camera settings and lens techniques. Enhance your photographic knowledge and mastery of subjects such as visual language, advanced composition and lighting.
  • Utilise digital workflow processes to ensure maximum accuracy and output quality.
  • The course is outcome-based; you will have class lectures as well as practical assignments with feedback to implement theories learnt in class.
  • All self-study materials are provided.

Presented by

The Advanced Photography Course is presented by fine-art and macro photographer John Fox. He is one of the most detailed and technically apt photographers in South Africa. John’s drive to uplift the standard and appreciation of photography as a credible art form in South Africa has led him to lecture on the subject. He works with DPC to develop and present course material on some of the more specialist subject matter. You can learn more about John by visiting his website at http://johnfox.co.za/

I would like to give a huge shout out to DPC, Danie Bester and John Fox. I have done almost every course DPC had to offer and just finished the advanced course. WOW! This was by far the best and most inspiring, laugh till you cry, fun and interesting course I have ever done.

Nicolene Theunissen

Key aspects

The most important aspects covered in the Advanced Photography Course:

  • Advanced camera settings and shoot preparation.
  • Advanced exposure, shooting in manual-mode, zone system, multiple exposures.
  • Advanced exposure time, creative blur, long exposures, time-lapse, double exposures.
  • Advanced focus techniques, such as hyperfocal distance, back-button focusing, focus stacking, panoramas, the Brenizer method.
  • Lens aspects, understanding lens compression, minimising distortion.
  • Developing as a photographer, purpose, planning and intention.
  • Creative lighting, chiaroscuro vs. high-key lighting.
  • Creative composition and visual weight.
  • Colour management and theory.
  • RAW Workflow.
  • Image preparation for best quality and output.

Course Outcomes

After completing this course you will have a full comprehension of the following techniques and aspects of photography:

Shooting in Manual Mode, Zone System, Multiple Exposures, HDR, Bulb Exposures, Hyperfocal Distance, Depth of Field Preview, Lens Compression, Avoiding Lens Distortion, Panoramas, the Brenizer Method, Panning, Back Focus Button, Chiaroscuro Lighting, High-Key Lighting, Rule of Visual Weight, Visual Composition Tools, Colour Management, RAW Workflow, Advanced Camera Settings, Dust Specks, Noise, Lens Corrections, Chromatic Aberration, Sharpening, Printing.

Who is this course for?

If you already understand the basic aspects of photography and are familiar with the capabilities of your camera but you want to bridge the gap to advanced techniques and creativity, then the DPC Advanced Photography Course will get you there. This course takes you beyond the basics and shows you how to focus on more complex camera techniques and thinking processes. It will help you achieve a much higher quality output.

Collaborative Zoom Sessions

The online classes are presented via the Zoom platform. These classes are collaborative and allow our instructors to do real-time demos or jump between class presentations, videos, software apps, etc. for a more comprehensive experience. Attendees can participate in discussions, ask questions, complete polls or even share their work for immediate feedback.

Take note that attendees will get access to class notes and a video recording of each session via our online student platform.

Course duration

The course consists of 13 sessions and runs over eight to nine weeks with six online classes, five self-study modules, and a full day face-to-face practical excursion on a weekend day. Take note that all self-study materials are provided.


R5 100 per person.
R4 100 per person for couples and family members joining.


You will need a Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera with manual controls and a tripod. You will also need a computer with Lightroom Classic and a basic working knowledge of Lightroom Classic, or Camera RAW. Students should have access to the Internet and the Zoom App, using a computer or tablet with sound and a microphone to participate in classes. To enjoy the interactive experience fully we suggest you use a webcam as well.

Payment details

To book, complete the registration details below. Your registration will be secured only once payment has been received. Payment is to be made via EFT or direct bank deposit. You are welcome to call us at 079 520-4436 for payment arrangements. Payments are to be made out to:

  • DPC & Photo Tours, Standard Bank Current Account
  • Account no… 021 454 884
  • Branch Code 012645

Email proof of payment to info@dpc.co.za. Please use your name and the course name as the reference.

How to join the Zoom Classes

We will send you a Zoom invitation link via email and WhatsApp at least one or two days before the course begins and your payment has been confirmed. Take note that if you have never used Zoom before, we will provide you with some basic training as soon as the class starts. Please download, install and test the Zoom app on your computer or tablet.

Classes will start strictly at the scheduled times, so please ensure that you join the class at least 15 minutes before to avoid missing out on any class time.

Upcoming Advanced Photography Courses for 2020

  • 09 September – 28 October