The most extensive wedding photography course in the country! Covering Business, Creative and Digital Workflow processes from two of SA’s top wedding photographers.

  • Learn the business aspects of wedding photography: Covering branding, marketing, positioning yourself in a competitive market, profit margins and after-sales.

  • Study various top wedding photographers, their styles and techniques. Discover and define your own personal style.

  • Practical shoot with a styled bride and groom: Lighting setups, detail shots, individual and couple posing.

  • Cover industry-leading software and digital workflow tools, including Lightroom, Photoshop, album design software, proofing sites and digital delivery.

  • Lighting on-location (natural and artificial lighting), tools of the trade, what to look for in terms of portrait locations.

  • Cover the wedding day routine, shot-list and practical aspects like working with a second shooter and assistant.

About the Wedding Photography Workshop

Wedding photography is extremely rewarding in terms of creativity and income. This wedding photography course is aimed at people who already understand the basics of photography and would like to turn their hobby into a creative career or earn an extra income. Classes are personal, highly practical with sufficient opportunity to address individual questions and limited to twelve people only. 

The highlight is a full 1-day practical shoot with styled models under the guidance of our two professional photographers.  After the shoot, we cover the A to Z of Digital Retouching: From importing your images to retouching, presentation and wedding album design. We focus on consistency and effective time-management and cover the best industry software and presets. Attendees are guided with constructive feedback throughout the workshop.

Presented by

This wedding photography course is presented by two of South Africa’s leading Wedding Photographers, Trompie van der Berg (Profoto Brand Ambassador) and Warren James (Fujifilm Brand Ambassador and X-Photographer). Both Trompie and Warren have worked their way up from the bottom over the last five years, going through the various stages that beginner wedding photographers go through.   They are booked a year in advance, working with high-end clients. Throughout the workshop they will be sharing their experience gained through trial and error, so you do not have to make the same mistakes in your own business!

Trompie van der Berg has a fashion and commercially inspired wedding style, with an emphasis on dramatic lighting. Warren James has a fine art wedding style and places a high premium on artistic impression and aesthetics. Combined, they present the most comprehensive and informative wedding workshop in South Africa.

A huge shout-out to the team at DPC, Warren James and Trompie Van Der Berg, for the past three weeks on their Wedding Photography Course! From the invaluable theory sessions, full day practical and two-day post-production and workflow, I know it is going to seriously up my game for all my clients: wedding or corporate shoots; definitely something to look at If you are looking to grow your skill in the right way.

Kevin Reddel

Course Overview

Day 1: Wedding Inspiration, Styles, Equipment, Wedding Photography A-Z

Inspiration: View the work of top international wedding photographers, three distinctive styles of wedding photography you should know, essential equipment you should have, the photographer’s A to Z for wedding photography (from marketing to delivery), pre-wedding day issues, wedding day issues, post-wedding day issues.

Day 2: How to Shoot the Wedding Day and Common Lighting Setups

Tips and tricks pertaining to posing, the preparation, shooting the ceremony, detail shots, group shots, the portrait session, reception shots, the art of combining natural light with artificial light and practical demonstration.

Day 3: Practical Shoot: The Wedding Day

One Day Practical Shoot, covering the wedding day under the guidance of both Trompie and Warren.

Day 4: Digital Workflow Part 1

Digital workflow: The importance of working effectively, popular and industry software, Lightroom Preset System, digital adjustments, exposure and colour, tagging and photo selections, etc. Timeless and contemporary retouching techniques: Skin softening, dynamic lighting, black and white, sepia, vignette, etc. (Photoshop and Lightroom). Making ready for delivery: Advice about printing and exporting images for printing, cropping, sharpening, introduction to coffee table books, wedding album design.

Day 5: Digital Workflow Part 2 and Presentation

Workflow Continued.  Constructive evaluation and photo critiques of the students’ photos taken during the practical shoot

Who is this course for?

Intermediate photographers who already understand the basic aspects of portrait photography and would like to get into the wedding photography business. If you are already shooting weddings and would like to improve your wedding photography markedly then this course will help you to be more effective, creative and profitable.

Course duration

5-Day intensive class and practical shoot time; over two weeks with homework and practical assignments in between.


R7 300 per person. R1 000 discount for ex-DPC students. Lunch and refreshments included.


A DSLR or Mirrorless camera and speedlight(s) are essential. It is expected that attendees should know the basics of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering, focusing, etc. If you do not yet understand the basics, we recommend that you take a look at our Basic to Intermediate Photography Courses. 

For the digital workflow part, you will need a computer with Lightroom Classic installed as well as a working knowledge of Lightroom.

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