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2 day photoshop course by digital photography courses

Realise your true vision through intelligent and effective editing

  • Learn all the fundamental aspects of retouching various types of images; from portraits to nature

  • Learn how to effectively and intuitively work with Photoshop Layers, Masks and Selections

  • Learn new Photoshop techniques from basic through to advanced

  • Learn to strike a good balance between honest retouching and over the top editing techniques

About the Photoshop Course

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop for photographers. Cover all the most important aspects for creative retouching: from basic retouching tools to working with selections, layers and masks.

The Photoshop Course is presented by Meagan Lubbe. Meagan is a graphics designer who owns her own graphic design business. She has been teaching Photoshop for almost a decade now.

Course details

  • Small classes with a maximum of 12 people
  • Learn all the important aspects of Photoshop, menus and tool layouts. Masterfully improve colour and contrast and learn to create selections, layers and masks by means of practical exercises under the guidance of an instructor.
  • Exclusive access to the Photoshop group on our social network Photo Critic for ongoing support even after you finish your course

Key Aspects Covered

  • Overview of Photoshop’s interface, layouts and toolboxes
  • Fundamental retouching, improving colours, and contrast using levels and curves
  • Professional dodging and burning
  • Professional sharpening
  • Making selections, using layers and masks
  • Removing unwanted elements and adding elements
  • Adding textured overlays
  • Creating composite images
  • Portrait retouching: enhancing eyes, hair, teeth, skin softening etc.
  • Body styling using the liquify tool
  • Handouts: exercise files, printed quick guide, e-book covering all the course content, Photoshop actions

For whom is this Course

Beginner to Advanced Photographers who would like to use Photoshop effectively by applying some of its advanced tools, like selections, layers and masks.

Course Duration

2-day workshop


  • You will need a computer or laptop using Mac or Windows with a working copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 or newer.
  • Attendees should have basic computer skills and be able to navigate their desktop and file system, copy and paste, select files etc

If you’re in the process of buying a computer or laptop, we strongly recommend that you read the following article, “The Best Computer for Photo Editing.”


R3, 100 per person. R500 discount for ex DPC students

Lunch and Refreshments Included


MCademy Training Institute | 1034 Saxby Ave, Centurion (opposite Eldoraigne Village Shopping Centre)

Upcoming Photoshop Courses for 2018

  • 25 – 26 August

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