Learn to shoot Commercial Properties and Real Estate | Covering the foundations of Architecture and Interior Photography

  • Learn to plan for contextual and interior photographs, including styling tips

  • Covering flash techniques to shoot interiors

  • Learn foundational compositional techniques to capture buildings and interiors

  • Covering all the specialist equipment you will need to shoot interiors and architecture

  • Two days practical shoots of buildings and interiors

  • Covering digital workflow and retouching architecture and interiors

About the Architecture and Interior Photography Course

Learn to shoot Commercial Properties and Real Estate. Cover all the important aspects of planning your shoots, specialist equipment, lighting techniques, composition, digital workflow and retouching. The highlight of the course is two days on location, shooting architecture and interior spaces. 

  • 4-Days intensive class and practical shoot time.
  • Small and friendly classes with a maximum of 12 people.

Course Overview

Day 1 Fundamental Aspects

Fundamental aspects of architecture and interior photography: We discuss composition, equipment, camera settings, lighting techniques and workflow.

Day 2: Practical shoot | Architecture (11 Hours)

Shooting a few landmarks in varying lighting conditions; from harsh afternoon light towards the golden hour and dusk.

Day 3: Practical shoot | Interior Spaces (7 Hours)

Shooting Interiors and details by learning to use natural light and off-camera flash. We prepare you for shooting in varying light conditions.

Day 4: Digital Retouching and Workflow

Step-by-step learning to select and retouch your architecture and interior images; using various software tools based on a Lightroom Workflow and an introduction to using layer and selection masks.

I started doing courses at DPC 6 years ago and want to thank Danie and the DPC team for this exciting journey and the tremendous influence they had on my photography career. The Architectural and Interior Photography Course, in particular, changed my life as I am now being commissioned to do photo projects of renovations and work for estate agents and lifestyle publications. 

Amora Adank Erasmus

Key aspects

The most important aspects covered in the Architecture-Interior Course:

A complete overview of how to use specialised equipment, including lighting equipment and tilt-and-shift lenses.

Planning compositional aspects and styling when shooting interiors.

Proper lighting techniques and using off-camera flash for well exposed and sharp interiors while retaining beautiful ambience.

Multiple exposures and overlay techniques to retain details in reflective environments.

Practical shoot: Bedrooms, studies, bathrooms, hot kitchens, living spaces, fireplaces and details.

Practical shoot: Contextual and architectural images in different lighting conditions.

Digital Workflow: Covering all the important aspects of image selections, retouching interiors and architectural images.

Hand-outs: Quick Guide, an e-book containing all the course content, Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions and Free Videos.

Who is this course for?

From Intermediate to Advanced level photographers who would like to learn to shoot professional architectural and interior images.

Course duration

4-Days intensive class and practical shoot time.


R5 500 per person. R600 Discount for ex-DPC students. Lunch and refreshments included.


  • It is expected that attendees fully comprehend the fundamental aspects of photography and their cameras such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering, focusing, drive-modes, auto exposure bracketing, etc. If you do not yet understand the basics, we recommend that you take a look at our Basic – Intermediate Photography Courses.

  • A DSLR, or Mirrorless camera with advanced or manual program modes and a sturdy tripod.
  • A computer or laptop using Mac, or Windows with a working copy of Lightroom Classic CC.
  • You will need a basic understanding of Lightroom. Having done a Lightroom Workshop before this course would be extremely helpful.
  • Not compulsory, but some practical knowledge using Adobe Photoshop or Elements will be beneficial. Prior to this course, you might find our Photoshop 101 and On-location Lighting workshops helpful.

Upcoming 4-day Architecture Course for 2020

  • 24, 25, 31 Oct and 01 Nov