Posing can be intimidating for both the photographer as well as their subjects. Take command of your portrait sessions by being educated in the skill of posing. This workshop is intended to equip you with a solid foundation in posing retail clients to get them to look their absolute best.

  • Learn 10 go-to starting blocks when posing couples

  • Learn the difference between posing principles and techniques, as well as how to use them

  • Understand how lighting and posing work together

  • Learn how to work with your subject to make posing fun

About the Posing Course

Posing is perhaps one of the most neglected and challenging skills any portrait photographer should have. Improving your posing skills and finding a posing system that works will improve your self-confidence dramatically when directing a model, or a couple.

Warren James will be teaching these principles through visual samples and practical demonstration. The audience will learn first-hand how to use a posing system, rather than “guessing as you go”. Attendees will receive an e-book with Warren’s posing system and many actual sample poses, including “do’s and don’ts”.

Presented by

This 1-Day course will be presented by Warren James who is an accomplished wedding and lifestyle photographer as well as a Fujifilm Brand Ambassador and X-Photographer. Part of Warren’s success as a portrait photographer is his remarkable flair to pose and direct his subjects. 

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Key aspects

The most important aspects covered in the Portrait Posing Course:

What is posing, and why is it important?

Making your subjects work with you.

Posing System 101:

Posing Females 101

Posing Males 101

Posing Couples 101

Posing Groups 101

Principles vs. Rules.

Understanding the spine and how to pose it.

Weight distribution.

Joints and hands.

Bringing it all together with expression, movement and mood.

10 go-to starting blocks when working with couples.

Using lighting and composition when posing.

Course duration

1-Day weekend workshop.


R1 400 per person. R300 discount for ex-DPC students. Lunch and refreshments included.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for the enthusiasts as well as the professional who want to master posing. Although Warren is primarily a wedding and retail portrait photographer this course is about posing human beings, regardless of the event or the style of the clothes.

Upcoming Posing 101 Courses for 2020

  • 19 July