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Camera Maintenance | How to keep your Sensor and Lenses clean

By |2018-03-27T10:40:59+02:0006 Feb 2017|

Your photography equipment is precious and expensive! It should be handled with care. Camera sensors and lenses are susceptible to gather dust and grime. The extra bit of effort to regularly clean your lens and camera's sensor, can save you time and money and also improve its lifespan. Here's some advice from the DPC team..

Newsflash | Canon announces the 1DX Mark II!

By |2018-01-15T14:49:06+02:0003 Feb 2016|

Canon has declared their new pro-flagship DSLR. The new EOS-1D X Mark II is a replacement for the original 1D X and the EOS-1D C movie model. In certain aspects, the upgrade is marginal, but groundbreaking in other areas. Read more about it...

Travel and Landscape Photography | Mega Tutorial

By |2020-03-27T09:35:03+02:0017 Apr 2015|

Learn all the important aspects of shooting Travel, Landscapes and Seascapes! This Mega Tutorial is derived from a series of articles I have written for PiX Magazine in 2013. Covering technical and creative aspects of travel and landscape photography; from choosing the best locations and finding the best light, to camera gear, settings and creative techniques...

Express your vision using Flash!

By |2017-07-14T15:26:02+02:0015 Mar 2015|

In the On-Location Lighting workshop I teach our students that one of the 7 reasons to use flash is to express your vision. As photographers, light is the notes we use to compose a song. If you only know half the notes the song you create will be pretty limited in tone and originality. If you however know the full range of notes you can create a masterpiece! If we are able to recognize and make use of natural light as well as incorporate artificial light where needed we can truly express our vision and create our own masterpieces!

Canon 70D launches with revolutionary autofocus system

By |2017-07-17T15:47:00+02:0002 Jul 2013|

In the morning hours of South African time the Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera was launched with much hype. The EOS 70D succeeds the rather "ordinary" 60D and it does so with an explosion of new features. From the specs, it will be a worthy rival to Nikon's D7100, but I would have to get my hand on one in order to prevent unfair assumptions.

Fujifilm X-E1 Camera Review

By |2017-07-17T16:08:41+02:0011 Apr 2013|

Fujifilm X-E1 Camera Review Previously I reviewed the Fujifilm X-Pro1 with mixed feelings about the product. Its high price point gave me some serious expectations, but I was left rather, with serious reservations. A lot of these have since been addressed in the X-E1, and the result is a camera which makes a lot more sense to me. It is very encouraging to see the progress Fujifilm makes from one model to the next, they are shaping up to be a camera manufacturer well worth keeping an eye on.

Bruna’s advice to new Wildlife Photographers

By |2017-07-25T15:34:09+02:0025 Feb 2013|

You, Me and Wildlife Photography With the hope of inspiring and assisting more photographers to pursue their passion as Wildlife and Nature photographers, I would like to share some tips and ideas as well as expensive lessons learnt during my journey as a Wildlife Photographer in this blog.

The Nikon D7100 released!

By |2017-07-25T15:47:25+02:0021 Feb 2013|

It is finally here, the Nikon D7100! It comes 2 years after it's predecessor, the very popular Nikon D7000. The D7100 is sure to be Nikon's flagship DX frame option and the hopes of seeing a much rumored D400 that sit between the D7000 and new D600 is now surely no longer an option. I will try to post a more complete review on it, as soon as we can get one. In the meantime, let;s look at the specs that's available.

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