About the Developing a Visual Vocabulary series (Formerly Expanding your Vision)

Looking through your camera’s viewfinder and snapping what is in front of you is easy once you have mastered the technicalities of photography, but knowing how to see the image you are about to capture creatively is a skill that does not come naturally to all aspirant photographers. The good news is that while photographic vision may not be an inherent ability, it is a skill that can be developed through studying visual principles and developing a visual vocabulary. 

During this 2-part series, Danie Bester covers the foundational aspects of vision, visual composition, and developing a visual vocabulary. In the process of dissecting a series of eye-opening photos created by some of the world’s most renowned photographers, he shows how we can dramatically improve our own photos by following similar principles and processes.

The series concludes with a practical exercise, that will solidify what you have learnt. You will also receive a complete set of notes and visual design cheat-sheet for self-study afterwards. 

Presented by

The Developing a Visual Vocabulary series is presented by the founder of DPC, Danie Bester. He is a well-respected photography educator and accomplished fine art photographer who has been hailed by Photo World Magazine, as a “Knight of Photography as Art”. His philosophy about photography is that a camera is just a tool, and that true creativity comes from inside and through studying and applying visual tools and principles.

Thank you, Danie Bester, for an amazing presentation of the Expanding your Vision workshop! You made me realise just how much I can still improve my photography and this will certainly give me food for thought on how to up my game. This class is a must for any photographer that has lost inspiration and looking for that much-needed oomph. It should be a roadshow!

Trompie van der Berg

Key aspects

The most important aspects covered in the Developing a Visual Vocabulary series:

Inspiration from Master Photographers.

A discussion of some of the most powerful photos of our time.

Foundational Aspects of Vision.

The Camera as a Tool.

Key aspects of Photographic Vision.

Developing a Visual Vocabulary.

Visual Design Elements and Visual Composition.

Mood and Emotion in Visual Storytelling.

Tools over Rules (Breaking the Rules).

Photograph with the Heart.

Barriers of Vision.

Photo Analysis, how to “Read” a Photo.

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The “Developing a Visual Vocabulary” series is one of four modules which can be completed separately or as part of the whole Creative Programme. Save 25% by registering for the complete programme in advance by following this link:

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Course duration

2 Evening Classes (6 hours class time)


R900 per person paid in advance (EFT).

Snacks and beverages included.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is remotely interested in photography and visual design. It will benefit novice, experienced, and professional photographers alike. If you would like to step up your creativity, or rekindle your passion for photography, then this is for you!

Payment details

To book, complete the registration details below. Your registration will be secured only once payment has been received. Payment is to be made via EFT or direct bank deposit. You are welcome to call us at 079 520-4436 for payment arrangements. Payments are to be made out to:

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Proof of payment to be emailed to info@dpc.co.za. Please use your name and the course name as the reference.

Upcoming Developing a Visual Vocabulary series for 2020:


MCademy Training Institute

1034 Saxby Ave, Centurion

  • 19:00 – 22:00

  • Part 1: 04 May

  • Part 2: 11 May


The Campus

57 Sloan Street, Bryanston

  • 19:00 – 22:00

  • Part 1: 25 May

  • Part 2: 01 June