Last chance to be something beautiful



Why create art? Simply because we have to. From personal experience, once an idea has seeded itself, I cannot move on until I have manifested that concept in some form or another. Once an idea has taken hold it will not relinquish until expressed. My art exists because my mind is held hostage and the only way to set it free is to create.

As we progress along our individual path and journey of discovery with photography as a medium, there is a natural progression of personal development in taste, aesthetic and ultimately personal philosophy. Someone once said to me that fine art is probably the inevitable destination in your development as a photographer working to master the craft. I am ever more in agreement with this sentiment.

Creating something to share because it is beautiful


Art has endured as artists beautifully and poignantly communicate what we all feel and experience, but struggle to articulate. Artists have the ability to see and then expose what we ourselves were just not quite able to put our finger on. They explore universal themes which unite and highlight our shared humanity. Great art has the power to instigate change, elicit emotion, educate, empower, unite, question, entertain and more, so much more. For me, it is a way to express myself in a way that my words fail too. I create because it feeds my soul, and I would be empty without it.

The fragility and futility of life



How does one go about creating art? It can be as easy as setting out with the intention of, and for the sake of, art as the goal. It can be as hard as the crippling fear of exposing your true self and opening yourself up to the judgement, scrutiny and criticism of others. But, it is worth it.

The first image I took with aesthetics in mind and art as the goal