It is with great pride and fan-fair that we announce our founder and chief, Danie Bester has been featured in the latest edition of “The Collector’s Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa”. His fine art photography has been nominated for the work of an artist worth collecting, and who would not like that accolade? The beautiful hardcover coffee table book features over 300 South African Artists, with mini-biographies and 1078 pieces of art. The central theme reads “a Visual Journey into the Thoughts, Emotions and Minds of 308 Artists” making it a great read.


Danie’s inclusion as a fine art photographer among the other notable South African artists is a major feat, especially as fine art photographers seldom get recognition within the South African context. Danie has been advocating for many years, that fine art photographers should be on an equal footing with other visual arts. Since his first solo exhibition in 2010, he recognised the challenge photographers face in fighting for their place in the South African art market. He has been crusading for the recognition of photography as authentic, collectable art ever since. His tenacity has paid off by being included in this prestigious guide. 


Danie’s personal journey on the road to being a recognised fine art photographer has lead him to campaign in his classes and presentations for photographers to go beyond taking mere “picture perfect” photographs. He wants to impart the importance of each photographers’ personal growth, and for them to discover and express their own unique style, philosophy and message. He has proved that photography, can and should be, just as effective a tool for communicating expressive, emotive meaningful works, just as every other art form does. For him, the camera is not the end goal, but rather just a tool to create images that are conjured up by a creative mind.


Creating a series of images tied together with a strong central theme is no small task. Artists tend to have a few projects on the burner at any given time. It is both tough and rewarding to create meaningful personal works. I know that Danie Bester currently has a few fine art projects on the go, and we’re waiting in anticipation for his next fine art exhibition.  If you would like to know more about Danie or view his fine art photography, visit his website at

Danie-Bester, South African Artist

Danie Bester’s Fine Art Photography has been featured in the Collectors Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa