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Shawn Marran

About Shawn Marran

I am Danie Bester's Personal Assistant and Geek. I live in Centurion and joined the DPC Team as a Web Administrator. I manage the DPC site as well as our Student Network Photo Critic. Current long term goals involve being trained in web design. I frequently get compared to an Owl because of my love for the night. I enjoy Night-time photography as well as urban landscape, architectural and abstract photography.

Yousuf Karsh | Perhaps the most iconic portrait photographer of all time?

2017-07-14T12:03:47+00:00 By |Cinematic Photography, Featured Photographers, Film Photography, Portrait Photography|

We show off 32 iconic portraits by the Master Photographer, Yousef Karsh. Which one is your favourite?


Photo Critic Shot of the Month: July 2016

2017-07-14T12:08:06+00:00 By |Hotshots, Photography Competitions|

The Photo Critic Shot of the Month competition for July is shared between Caleb Dredge with his picture titled "People and the Seaside" in the human category and Ashleigh Pienaar with her picture titled "The Grande Dame of the bush" in the nature category


Photographer and Shot of the Year 2015

2017-07-14T13:56:21+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Hotshots, Nature and Wildlife Photography, Photography Competitions|

This is the big day we all waited for! The Photo Critic Shot of the Year and the Photographer of the Year Competitions for 2015 has finally been decided by our judges. Here they are:


Photo Critic Shot of the Month: January 2016

2017-07-14T14:30:34+00:00 By |Hotshots, Photography Competitions|

The Photo Critic Shot of the Month competition for January was indeed a tough one. Our judges couldn't decide and we decided, what the heck, let's share it between all three finalists who were in contention! Looking at these great shots we are sure than non one would blame us for not being able to decide. The SOTM award goes to Nadia de Lange with "A man and his dog", Leon Pelser with "The story of my life" and Amy McGinley with "That Look".