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Adobe Launches new cloud-based Lightroom CC while re-branding the existing one to Lightroom Classic CC

2017-11-01T11:19:07+00:00 By |Newsflash, Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Big changes have come to Lightroom as we know it. Adobe has launched an all-new, strictly cloud-based "Lightroom CC" while renaming the existing one to "Lightroom Classic CC"


Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 is Here! Read all about the new features

2017-07-14T15:01:11+00:00 By |Photography Software|

With great fanfare, we can announce that... Adobe has finally released the much anticipated Lightroom 6 as the new standalone version, and a Cloud version for online subscribers, Lightroom CC (2015)! It has taken Adobe about 22 months to introduce their latest flagship image management and RAW software, and the wait was worth it! The new version of Lightroom has a lot of new and improved features under the hood:


Perfect Effects 9 by On1 Software – Free to download via 500px!

2017-07-14T15:28:33+00:00 By |Photography Software|

On1 Software has made their stand-alone or Photoshop and Lightroom plugin, Perfect Effects 9 available as a free download through the photographic community 500px. The software usually cost $59.00 and with the current Rand-Dollar exchange rate, this freebie is not be frowned upon! The software contains filters and hundreds of presets that allow you to quickly apply custom looks to your photos and the best bit is you don't have to be a 500px member to take advantage of the offer.


Download DxO Film Pack 3 for free

2017-07-25T15:11:27+00:00 By |Film Photography, Fine Art Photography, Photography Software|

If you are a lover of film photography, or would like to transform some of your digital photos to take on a film look, then I have great news for you! Sony and DxO Labs are offering FilmPack 3 Essential as a free download until 31 October 2013.


Lightroom 5 Beta Review

2017-07-17T15:56:16+00:00 By |Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Lightroom 5 Beta Review Lightroom software provides the user with a complete set of tools that range from cataloguing images to output... It boasts with quick, one-click adjustments to intricate controls; With this one of a kind software you can organize your photo libraries, enhance your photographs, create slideshows, design photo albums for showcasing your images, to even uploading your photographs to the web and sharing it with your friends.


Adobe Creative Cloud

2018-01-15T13:49:49+00:00 By |Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite goes to the Cloud... In the near future, you will no longer "own" your version of Photoshop. You will have to rent it on a monthly basis! Apparently, the new upcoming version, Photoshop CC (following CS6) will cost around 10 US Dollars per month (for people who upgrade from CS3 and higher) and 20 USD for new users. Professional / Power users will pay 50 US Dollars for the Complete Creative Suite. Converting to ZAR you're looking at around R400 - R500 per month for the complete Creative Suite at the current dollar exchange rate! Again, people who upgrade from CS3 or higher, will get a discount.


Adobe Photoshop CS2 is Free for download!

2017-08-08T15:32:29+00:00 By |Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

This is one of those BIG surprises. Adobe decided to roll back a few years and offer Photoshop CS2 again. The catch is.... This time it is FOR FREE! If you're not using a newer generation of Photoshop, or still complaining that Adobe Photoshop Elements don't offer a patch tool; then this is your chance. Head over to Adobe's website and download CS2. In fact, the whole Photoshop CS2 Creative Suite is available including serial numbers, for both for Windows and Mac. Eat your heart out!


2012 TIPA award winners announced

2018-01-15T11:46:59+00:00 By |Featured Websites, Photographic Equipment, Photography Software|

Article by John Fox... The votes are in and the results are out with the announcement of the annual TIPA awards in the fields of photo and imaging products. If you are looking to purchase new gear, you can now browse the winners which make a solid starting point for your research, and hopefully you can make upcoming purchases based on a more informed opinion.


Photoshop Elements 10

2016-10-24T11:08:48+00:00 By |Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Elements is a "cut down" version of proper Photoshop. Even though Elements lacks a few features, it does not come with the insane price-tag of Photoshop CS5. Even though it is cheaper (Far Cheaper), Elements still has enough tools and power to satisfy most photographers needs. That is, if you're not running a large commercial studio etc...


Top photography software to have in 2011

2016-10-24T11:08:50+00:00 By |Photography Software|

It's a new year with new dreams, plans, and strategies. And most of our plans involve two words, "Saving Time". Whether you’re a business person, or a home-maker, your are probably faced with this issue. We all want to save time to improve the quality of our lives. Being a photographer, I have learned that this one phrase, "Saving Time" is probably one of the most important principles in my business. I constantly work on means to improve not only my photography, but also improving my digital workflow. A more efficient workflow, means less time in front of the PC or Mac. Spending less time in front of the computer screen, means more time for myself and ultimately more time to work on my photography techniques and actually "getting out there".


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