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Phenomenal Bird Photography by Brutus Östling

2017-07-14T15:37:55+00:00 By |A Photographer's Attitude, Featured Photographers, Nature and Wildlife Photography|

This week's featured Photographer is Brutus Östling. Brutus is a Canon Ambassador and a remarkable bird and nature photographer that boasts with a number of great photo collections and several best selling books on birds and their nature. View some of his work below; This is bird photography at it's best!


Travel Street Photography by Mike Tagg

2017-07-17T14:46:55+00:00 By |Informal and Street Photography, Photo Journalism and Documentary Photography, Reader and Student Articles, Street Photography, Uncategorized|

Danie Bester asked me to share some of my experiences in my approach and development in travel and street photography. My aim is to assist those who are keen to start and also to persuade photographers how relatively easy it is to progress and achieve the very rewarding results it can yield. Many of the shots taken in the streets can be classed as photojournalism if they tell a newsworthy story.


Nick Brandt, Black & White Purist Photographer

2017-07-17T15:03:57+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Nature and Wildlife Photography|

Introducing Nick Brandt! Nick is a phenomenal Wildlife Photographer that has an unquenchable thirst for photographic purity and capturing the spirit of his wildlife subjects. Nick Brandt has been capturing the life of nature since the year 2000, where he embarked on a journey, committing himself to photograph wildlife in it's most natural state of being... This is his passion.


Sarolta Bán, The Surreal Fine-Art Master

2017-07-17T15:10:21+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Fine Art Photography|

Here's one of my favourite artists in the world... Sarolta Bán! She specializes in Digital Photo Manipulation and Fine-Art; I must say, what a specialist indeed! Sarolta's work has been featured in a number of design, decor and photography magazines, she also won the Elle Magazine Young Talent Award for her ingenuity.


Joseph Cartright – Fashion & Beauty Photography

2017-07-17T15:15:32+00:00 By |Fashion & Beauty Photography, Featured Photographers|

Joseph Cartright - Fashion & Beauty Photography Joseph Cartright surely knows how to captivate an audience. His "out-of-the-box" ideas make him stand out from among other Photographers in this genre. Check out these images from both his Fashion & Beauty collections...


Lightroom 5 Beta Review

2017-07-17T15:56:16+00:00 By |Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Lightroom 5 Beta Review Lightroom software provides the user with a complete set of tools that range from cataloguing images to output... It boasts with quick, one-click adjustments to intricate controls; With this one of a kind software you can organize your photo libraries, enhance your photographs, create slideshows, design photo albums for showcasing your images, to even uploading your photographs to the web and sharing it with your friends.


Adobe Creative Cloud

2017-07-17T16:02:07+00:00 By |Photography Software, Retouching, Editing and Workflow|

Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite goes to the Cloud... In the near future, you will no longer "own" your version of Photoshop. You will have to rent it on a monthly basis! Apparently, the new upcoming version, Photoshop CC (following CS6) will cost around 10 US Dollars per month (for people who upgrade from CS3 and higher) and 20 USD for new users. Professional / Power users will pay 50 US Dollars for the Complete Creative Suite. Converting to ZAR you're looking at around R400 - R500 per month for the complete Creative Suite at the current dollar exchange rate! Again, people who upgrade from CS3 or higher, will get a discount.


Exquisite Wedding Photography by Jerry Ghionis

2017-07-17T16:07:20+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Wedding Photography|

Exquisite Wedding Photography by Jerry Ghionis We are proud to feature the awe-inspiring work of one of the best Wedding Photographers on planet earth... Jerry Ghionis! Jerry needs no introduction in the world of photography, his repertoire precedes him as being one of the greatest creative minds ever to roam the fields of high-end Weddings.


Fujifilm X-E1 Camera Review

2017-07-17T16:08:41+00:00 By |Cameras, Photographic Equipment|

Fujifilm X-E1 Camera Review Previously I reviewed the Fujifilm X-Pro1 with mixed feelings about the product. Its high price point gave me some serious expectations, but I was left rather, with serious reservations. A lot of these have since been addressed in the X-E1, and the result is a camera which makes a lot more sense to me. It is very encouraging to see the progress Fujifilm makes from one model to the next, they are shaping up to be a camera manufacturer well worth keeping an eye on.


Cyril Lagel, World-Class Fashion Photographer

2017-07-17T16:13:08+00:00 By |Fashion & Beauty Photography, Featured Photographers|

Cyril Lagel is our feature for this week, a world-class fashion photographer from Paris. Cyril Lagel is one of the world's foremost fashion, glamour and beauty photographers. He is based in Paris, France. He's recognized as an icon in the Fashion Industry along with other top fashion photographers like Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Richard Avedon, Annie Lebovitz and other Masters of this genre, makes him a world-class contender in this genre.


Fashion Photographer, Gabriele Rigon

2017-07-25T15:54:58+00:00 By |Fashion & Beauty Photography, Featured Photographers|

With great pleasure I introduce to you, Extraordinary Fashion Photographer, Gabriele Rigon... Gabriele is a renowned fashion photographer, specializing in high-end fashion shoots. He believes in portraying the sensual side of women when shooting his subjects; You could say he has a very romantic approach to photographing.


DPC Fine-Art / Intermediate Photography Course Exhibition

2017-08-07T15:47:41+00:00 By |Advanced Photography Aspects, Featured Photographers, Fine Art Photography|

What John, The Mentor & Chief Lecturer for the Fine-Art Photography Course had to say: Danie and I had been discussing the development of an Intermediate Photography Course for some time. We had discussed what it would include and how it should be presented, then out of the blue one day he said it should focus on, and be centered around, the concept of fine art photography. My initial reaction was one of panic and scepticism, I mean does anyone anywhere actually know what fine art really is? I went off and did masses of research to create the material, we had long debates, more research and reworked the material again and again. Eventually low and behold we had a definition and understanding of the concepts we were trying to communicate which I am really proud of. I believe we are now better able to communicate through our course the principles of fine art photography and creativity than most content on the subject available anywhere.


Koos van der Lende, South-African Landscape Photographer

2017-08-08T14:16:37+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Fine Art Photography, Travel & Landscape Photography|

Born and bred in South-Africa, Koos van der Lende is an extraordinary Landscape Photographer that is well known for using this genre of photography to create Fine-Art... Here is a collection of some of these Fine-Art pieces. Being a South-African Landscape Photographer for a couple of decades, Koos truly understands and cherishes the true and unmatched beauty of our African Landscape and what she has to offer; Creating photographs that portray her splendorous majesty... Koos is most definitely an iconic example of what a Landscape Photographer needs to make use of; When it comes to composition, colour and timing, not over-processing his photographs, he surely sets a high standard for others to follow in this genre. He has launched a Fine-Art Photographic Album, comprised of some of his top Landscape Photographs, click HERE to preview this album.


Jeff Ascough: Remarkable Wedding Photographer

2017-08-08T16:00:53+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Wedding Photography|

Jeff Ascough, also known as the modern-day "Henri-Cartier Bresson" of Wedding Photography is a true master and internationally recognized icon in the Wedding Photography Industry; Jeff is well known for his documentary-type style of Photography. He mainly uses available light to capture his client's most emotional and unforgettable moments, doing so with a complete and assured understanding of what that moment's photographic insight requires. His documentary-type style of Photography is a winning recipe for creating timeless photographs and to provide his client's with a collection of recorded memories that evokes the true and honest sense of emotion of that specific moment. Jeff Ascough is based in the U.K, however, is known to have captured spectacular "once in a life-time" moments all around the globe.


Fine Art Photographer, Fan Ho. A minimalist Genius

2017-08-08T12:23:38+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Fine Art Photography|

Introducing a modern Master in the Art of Photography, Fan Ho... Since 1956, Fan Ho has won over 280 awards from international exhibitions and competitions worldwide. His black and white, mostly street scenes, are reminiscent of a minimalist photographer. His play with light and shadows exquisite. Here's a small compilation of some of Fan Ho's work.


Joey L – Extraordinary Portraits

2017-08-08T12:30:06+00:00 By |Commercial Photography, Featured Photographers, Portrait Photography|

Joey L is an extraordinary Portrait Photographer who has made it as a top Commercial Photographer, Director and Published Author. Joey, a Canadian born photographer, is currently based in New York where he shoots for a number of international companies like Coca-Cola, National Geographic, JWT Doner, History Channel, FX Channel, Smirnoff, Pennzoil, Kawasaki and the list goes on... His style is cinematic and contemporary with a Fine Art finish. His photojournalistic style is unique and can be called his own as he brings a totally new and exquisite feel to the Portrait Photography genre. His subjects come from all walks of life, ranging from tribesmen in Ethiopia to superstars from Hollywood. Below, a few of his images...


Morals and Photography – What are yours?

2017-08-14T11:22:56+00:00 By |Photo Journalism and Documentary Photography, Photography History|

Morals and Photography Here are some questions on the issue of morals and photography. The questions are designed to get you thinking. I can’t give you any clear cut answers, I can only give you opinions.