Mobile Travel Photography with the Huawei P9 by Tim Moolman

By |2017-07-13T13:43:17+02:0021 Jun 2017|

Tim Moolman tell us about his recent project, travelling around the country taking photos with a mobile camera only, the Huawei P9. The pictures speak for themselves and prove that it is not the size of the camera that matters, but the mind!

Photo Critic Photo of the Month: December 2015

By |2019-11-13T09:23:11+02:0007 Jan 2016|

The Photo Critic Photo of the Month competition for December goes to Danie Coetzee with his black and white photo, titled "Young Dreams". His honest image tells such an intimate story, which bagged him the coveted SOTM award. Well done Danie! Danie gets a R600 discount for any of DPC's photography courses and stand in contention for the Photo of the Year competition.

Travel Street Photography by Mike Tagg

By |2017-07-17T14:46:55+02:0003 Mar 2014|

Danie Bester asked me to share some of my experiences in my approach and development in travel and street photography. My aim is to assist those who are keen to start and also to persuade photographers how relatively easy it is to progress and achieve the very rewarding results it can yield. Many of the shots taken in the streets can be classed as photojournalism if they tell a newsworthy story.

Photo of the Year 2012

By |2019-11-13T09:25:50+02:0012 Dec 2012|

Photo Critic's 2012 Photo of the Year Photo Competition Winner is... Matthew Copham !!! Congratulations on capturing this outstanding photograph! This one-in-a-million moment you've photographed surely deserves the honor of being named Photo of the Year...

A moment of silence in honour of Iconic Documentary Photographer: Alfred Kumalo

By |2017-08-14T12:06:06+02:0022 Oct 2012|

Alfred, Alf, Alfie Kumalo ( 1930 - 2012 ) Legendary Photographer Alf Kumalo ( aged 82 ) passed away on Sunday, 21 October 2012 due to renal failure... We offer our sincere condolences to his family and to those that he knew and inspired.

Tribute to Master Photographer, August Sander

By |2017-08-14T12:09:06+02:0017 Oct 2012|

Here's an impressive collection of some of Old Master Photographer, August Sander's lifelong photography project - The People In The Twentieth Century... "By sight and observation and thought, with the help of the camera, and the addition of the date of the year, we can hold fast the history of the world" August Sander

The Bang Bang Club

By |2018-01-15T10:48:04+02:0025 Jul 2011|

The movie, “The Bang Bang Club” started showing at cinemas during the past week. I too, went to see the movie. In my opinion, it really is a must-see for every photographer. It is not a movie for kids or very sensitive people as the content is quite graphic. It is a movie that has left a mark on me and made me ask questions about myself and my own morality and just how far I am willing to go as a photographer. It also brings up the questions if my photographs really show the "real" story or if it is me who is the sculptor of the scene and only a projection of what I want people to see. I love my street photography and on many occasions have been presented with the situation where you are "paying off" a homeless person to get the shot you are after. Where you catch people at their most vulnerable and take the shot in a very detached way. We aim to show the hard life by getting the weary eyes in sharp focus, we compose to get the bare cracked feet in the shot, the makeshift home of cardboard boxes to add to the drama, I sometimes forget that there is a person behind that picture I am taking. The movie made me think, go and see it and make up your own mind…Here’s a brief history of what the Bang Bang club was all about…

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