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Stop motion photography has become very popular over the past few years and we can expect to see more and more fast action Stop Motion Movies and slideshow as camera manufacturers keep on pushing silly frame rates. Both Canon and Nikon have some serious contenders in terms of speed in the form of the Nikon D3X, Canon 1D Mark IV, and even the smaller siblings like the Canon EOS 7D and Nikon D300S. With speeds that range between 8 to 10 frames, a second these cameras are equipped with high-end focusing systems to ensure sharp images, frame for frame.

This week I am posting my first attempt at stop motion photography and you can bet to see more of these movies ala slideshows from myself it in the future. I made the stop motion movie by using Lightroom to edit the images (i.e. changing saturation, vignetting.. ) and then exported the images into a folder. After which I created an animated slideshow by using Photodex ProShow Producer. What intuitive software! Check it out at

The images that I’ve used was taken during our Portrait Field trip with the Boksburg students to Henry Nxumalo street. One of my favourite locations with the graffiti changing ever so often. Our model, Geraldine did a fantastic job for us and I couldn’t resist in having her running and ramping up and down under that highway. For the running and walking shots, I’ve set the 7D on Continuous Drive (glorious 8 frames a second) and AI Servo with the top focusing point covering her face. The results were astonishing and barely had any shots out of focus. Credit also to my Canon 70-200 F/2.8 L Is lens.

Here’s the video…


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Danie Bester
Fine Art, Landscape, Architecture: The more abstract forms of photography like impressionism and minimalism intrigue me. I prefer creating images that depict energy, mood and silence. To illustrate my themes, I use mainly long exposures, selective focus and focus blur. My philosophy is that the camera is just a paintbrush and that thought-provoking images stem from a trained mind.


  1. Danie Bester
    Danie Bester 2010/11/22 at 08:39

    Fairly Safe, but it is always better to go in a group.

  2. Nicolas van der Merwe 2010/11/19 at 10:54

    Nice shoot Danie. How safe is that area?

  3. Danie Bester
    Danie Bester 2010/09/09 at 23:04

    Proshow producer is an extremely powerful program. Haven’t checked out version 4, but believe it will be great

  4. Danie Bester
    Danie Bester 2010/09/09 at 23:03

    Thanks Elaine & Willie

  5. Elaine 2010/08/31 at 15:50

    I really like this and would like to learn more – I have the Proshow Producer software and book, but still have to learn it. I currently use PowerDirector. Can’t wait for my photographic course to start soon with you!

  6. Willie Lombard 2010/08/28 at 08:04

    Amazing! Dit was ongelooflik! Uiters professioneel gedoen. Mal daaroor. Well done!

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