The Photo Critic Photo of the Month competition for November is shared by two photographers, Nadia de Lange with “Walking to the Light”, and Coenraad Albertyn with “Barbed Wire of Death”. Both images are high impact, black and white “travel photographs” and both images have a great compositional impact. Nadia’s image is a good example of how contrast and scale can be used. What we liked about Coenraad’s very simple, yet emotive photo is a suitable title and the use of shallow depth of field, texture, line, shape and form. Both, Nadia and Coenraad, each receive a R600 discount for any of DPC’s photography courses and stand in contention for the Photo of the Year competition. Congratulations!

Walking to the Light by Nadia de Lange

Nadia de Lange. Walking through the Light | ISO-500, 1/200th sec at f/6.3. Nikon D750, Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR

Barbed wire of death by Coenraad Albertyn

Coenraad Albertyn. Barbed Wire of Death | ISO-100, 1/250th sec at f/3.2. Canon Ixus Powershot SX600

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