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Eeverybody that knows me, know that I have a thing for stop motion photography and when I have  the time, I try my hand, or should I say my camera at it.

I was totally blown away by the following stop motion sequence, which was pointed out to me by a friend. Check it out…

If you want to peek Behind the Scenes to see hwo this awesome stop motion video was created then click HERE


About the Author:

Danie Bester
Fine Art, Landscape, Architecture: The more abstract forms of photography like impressionism and minimalism intrigue me. I prefer creating images that depict energy, mood and silence. To illustrate my themes, I use mainly long exposures, selective focus and focus blur. My philosophy is that the camera is just a paintbrush and that thought-provoking images stem from a trained mind.

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  1. Charmaine Viljoen 2010/12/31 at 13:06

    Love this video – thanks for it!

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