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Photo Critic Photo of the Month: February 2015

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Photo Critic Photo of the Month competition winner for February 2015 is: Kobus Eksteen with "Starry Sky". Kobus' image was taken in the Richtersveld with a Canon 5D Mark III and Samyang 24 mm f1.4 lens. He used a small torch to provide the side-lighting on the quiver tree. Exposure time was 20 seconds at ISO-1600. He used a the "DSLR Controller" app on his android tablet to focus.

Photographer and Photo of the Year 2014

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This is the big day, we all waited for! The Photo Critic Photo of the Year and the Photographer of the Year Competitions for 2014 has finally been decided by our panel of 6 judges. Here they are

The Masks We Are

By |2017-07-14T15:33:30+02:0026 Feb 2015|

My idea for this project actually started out as a simple portrait shoot with some masks that I would source, but it slowly evolved as I planned it out. It became a little more personal as I tried to present little pieces of myself in each idea. This then evolved further when I realized through this process, that I often present myself to people in a manner which corresponds to the situation I am in and that I vary rarely show the real me. From this I decided to twist the mask idea a little, still showing these little bits of me, but in each shot, the mask reveals more than it hides.

Photo Critic Photo of the Month: September 2013

By |2019-11-13T09:22:00+02:0006 Oct 2013|

September Month's Photo Critic Photo of the Month is shared by two photographers, Matthew Copham for his fantastic wildlife photo "Struggle for Life" and Leon Pelser (again!) for his image of the Okavango Delta "Trees in Delta".

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