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The Nikon D7100 released!

 – Article by Trompie Van der Berg


It is finally here, the Nikon D7100! It comes 2 years after it’s predecessor, the very popular Nikon D7000. The D7100 is sure to be Nikon’s flagship DX frame option and the hopes of seeing a much-rumored D400 that sits between the D7000 and new D600 is now surely no longer an option. I will try to post a complete review on it, as soon as we can get one. In the meantime, let’s look at the specs that’s available.

Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7-100 has just been released. Now if we can only lay our hands on one!



  • 24MP CMOS APS-C (DX) sensor
  • 6fps shooting in DX mode
  • 100-6400 ISO (expandable to 25,600)
  • Max 1/8000 shutter speed
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • 51-point AF, 15 cross-type
  • Dual SD card slots
  • 3.2″, 1.2m-dot LCD screen
  • Built-in HDR function
  • Same-as-before 1080p 24/25/30p, 60p at 720p
  • Magnesium-alloy body, moisture resistant (much the same as the D300s/D800)
  • Price to be confirmed. (I expect the body only to price between R11 500 and R13 000)


Comparing the specs to the Nikon D600 there is not a lot between the two and in many areas on paper at least the D7100 trumps the D600! From what I can see, it is mostly the full frame sensor vs the DX frame which is the main difference. Only time will tell if the image quality, ISO capabilities, and handling is on par with it’s bigger brother. But for half the price of the D600, it is surely a fantastic option and deal. On the flip side, expect some serious price drops on the current D7000 within the next few months. If you’re on a budget. Then wait a few months. This happened with the D90, and will certainly be the case here.

Back to the Nikon D7100, please note that I cannot comment at this stage about image quality and real performance. Have to wait to get my hands on one first. However, Nikon in my opinion has released a stellar camera in terms of price and spec. It seems the Canon shooters need to wait a bit longer for the successor of the 7D, but rumours are going around that the new Canon 7D Mark II is on its way. And if rumours are anything to go about, the rivalry will continue. Which is…. Good for all of us!


In the meantime, if you would like to know more about this camera (maybe saving for one already), then head off to DP Review and check out their review on this glorious new camera.

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About the Author:

Trompie van der Berg
I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer and Photography Teacher, based in Gauteng. I am infatuated with creating interesting and dramatic light using mainly small flashes. I have at any given time got at least six Speedlights and associated gadgets with me and I get them out every chance I get. I love creating and shaping light and solving all the problems associated with mixing flash with ambient on location. It is a skill not many photographers possess and allows me to capture vivid, three dimensional images that is not otherwise possible with natural light photography. My work has a fashion look and feel and adhere to the principle of Chiaroscuro - the artistic distribution of light and dark in a picture. Using small flashes I can create near perfect light anywhere and in any situation and it allows me to create striking images in even the dullest and most difficult setting. I come from an IT background so my second passion is technology and gadgets. I try to stay on top of all the latest trends and releases out there and love helping people make informed decisions on what equipment to invest in.

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