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Photographers are often confused when it comes to standard print sizes. Few people know that we are using two different systems. Firstly, the standard print lab sizes provided by local print shops i.e. the local Fujifilm, Kodak, Foto First etc. Then there are the standard iso sizes offered by modern ink-jet printers. Here’s a breakdown of the various print sizes available…


Inkjet Print Sizes: 




841 × 1189


594 × 841


420 × 594


483 x 329


297 × 420


210 × 297


148 × 210


105 × 148


74 × 105


52 × 74


Photo Lab Print Sizes…



4 x 6 (jumbo) *

102  x  152

5 x 7 (mega) *

127  x  178

6 x 8 *

152  x  203

8 x 10

203  x  254

8 x 12 *

203  x  305

10 x 12

254  x  305

10 x 15

254  x  381

11 x 14

279  x  354

12 x 16

305  x  406

12 x 18

305  x  457

16 x 20

406  x  508

20 x 24

 508 x 610

Printable Handout

a table of the standard print sizes

Click on the image to download it in full size


About the Author:

Danie Bester
Fine Art, Landscape, Architecture: The more abstract forms of photography like impressionism and minimalism intrigue me. I prefer creating images that depict energy, mood and silence. To illustrate my themes, I use mainly long exposures, selective focus and focus blur. My philosophy is that the camera is just a paintbrush and that thought-provoking images stem from a trained mind.


  1. Marilyn Stirrett 2018/08/16 at 19:43

    I have photos with sizes indicated as 3619 x 5428, 3840 x 5760 and 3499 x 5249. Which would I use for a 4″ x 6″ picture? Thank you very much!

  2. Helen Queener 2017/11/05 at 04:18

    Hi — I know this is not a photography question — but since you know all about print sizes, I am hoping you can help me. I am a SAn artist living in America and will be hosting a benefit auction of local CT artists next month. I have several paintings on standard sized canvases like 8X10, 11X14 etc and was wondering if I would be able to find ready-made frames of those standard sizes in SA, or if they are as rare as hen’s teeth? Do you think it would be better to purchase frames here in the US to bring along with me?
    Thanks for any insight you can offer!

  3. Peter Henning 2017/10/15 at 05:00

    Even though I spent a year in a darkroom, I totally forgot the different sizes. Thanks so much, your info is very helpful.

  4. Danie Bester
    Danie Bester 2017/08/28 at 10:02

    @ Alicia, the 35mm film format typically yielded 4×6 (Jumbo) 8×12, 16×24 prints, which is a similar aspect ratio than current DSLR cameras i.e. 2×3 aspect ratio.

  5. williamhumam 2017/08/28 at 09:45

    really helpfull, thanks you

  6. Alicia 2017/06/15 at 13:27

    Hi silly question I guess I’m ordering prints online and need to know what the most common print size Is please. Can’t for life of me decide between 5×7 or 6×8 look identical to me and all I want are pics to fit regular “normal” sized framed lol maybe easier just to ask what size were photos when you had to take a roll of film to be developed?

  7. Rudolph Viljoen 2015/04/25 at 11:42

    Together with what Danie has stated in his resume above, you must actually experience him in the classroom, whilst at photo shoot, whether in studio or outdoors. His extraordinary passion for the art of photography, makes him an excellent tutor, never shy to share his knowledge and experiences.

  8. Derrick van der Westhuizen 2012/02/13 at 11:05


    Oh this is really useful information. Thank you so much!


  9. Dawie 2011/10/12 at 10:39

    Hi Danie

    Thank you for the info.

    Its very helpful.

    Best Regards

  10. Richard Nash 2011/10/12 at 10:21

    This is really very handy info Danie.

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