The Photo Critic Photo of the Month competition for January was indeed a tough one. Our judges couldn’t decide so we decided, what the heck, let’s share it between three of our members! Looking at their great shots we are sure that no one would blame us for not being able to decide. The SOTM award goes to Nadia de Lange with “A man and his dog”, Leon Pelser with “The story of my life” and Amy McGinley with “That Look”. 

Well deserved to all three of you! Each receives an R 600 discount for any of DPC’s photography courses and stand in contention for the 2016 Photo of the Year competition! 


Nadia de Lange. A man with his dog | Composite ISO-160 and ISO-2500, 1/4 sec and 1/200 sec at f/13 and f/8. Nikon D750, Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G.


Leon Pelser. The story of my life | ISO-400, 1/15th sec at f/5.6. Sony, Tamron 16/300


Amy McGinley. That look | ISO-100, 1/30th sec at f/6.3. Canon EOS 650D

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