Photo Critic Photo of the Month: February 2016

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The Photo Critic Photo of the Month competition for February goes to Ken Jennings with his picture titled ” Solitude on misty lake “.  Well Done, Ken!

Ken receives a R600 discount for any of DPC’s photography courses and stands in contention for the 2016 Photo of the Year competition. 

Registering for a photography course at DPC entitles you to free membership on our student network, Photo Critic. Members may upload up to two images per week for constructive critiques and join in other photography activities.

About the Author:

Shawn Marran
I frequently get compared to an Owl because of my love for the night and my unusual sleeping habits! These are no doubt a side-effect of being a gamer and computer enthusiast. My interest in photography lies in taking photos of cityscapes and light-trails at night; and architecture and abstract during the day.

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