The famous Chinese Photographer, Fan Ho, has sadly passed away at the ripe old age of 84 on Sunday, 19 June 2016.

Fan Ho was born in 1931 in Shanghai. His family moved to Hong Kong when he was still a young boy. He started photography at a very young age with a Rolleiflex camera his father gave him. His street photography of Hong-Kong in the 1950’s, was his rise to fame as he won numerous photography awards and held international exhibitions over the course of his photography career. He was often hailed as the most influential photographer in Asia and frequently named the Top Photographer in the world. 

In late 2015, at the Bonhams Auction in Hong Kong, he set a personal auction record when one of his prints, “Approaching Shadow“, was sold for 375 000HK$

Danie has used many of his images in talks and courses. His photos will be his legacy and will live on for generations to come. May he rest in peace after his long, prosperous and exciting life.

Below are a few fine art photos from Fan Ho: 

Image by Fan Ho

“Approaching Shadow”

Pattern Fan Ho 1956

Pattern 1956

Flare Fan Ho 1966

Flare 1966

Hurrying Home Fan Ho 1963

Hurrying Home 1963

Little Grandma Fan Ho 1958

Little Grandma 1958

Reading News Fan Ho 1963

Reading News 1963

White Windows Fan Ho 1962

White Windows 1962

Life in a Slum Fan Ho 1966

Life in a Slum 1966

Hong Kong Venice Fan Ho 2011

Hong Kong Venice 2011

Sun Rays by Fan Ho 1959

Sun Rays 1959

Vision Beyond by Fan Ho 1998

Vision Beyond 1998

Private by Fan Ho 1960

Private 1960

Trio by Fan Ho 1956

Trio 1956

The Evening of Life 1963 by Fan Ho

The Evening of Life 1963

Arrow by Fan Ho 1958

Arrow 1958

Triangular by Fan Ho 1962

Triangular 1962

The Lonely Conductor by Fan Ho 2011

The Lonely Conductor 2011

Life Above All by Fan Ho 2011

Life above All 2011


 For more of Ho’s work, take a look at his website, or check out our previous article of Fan Ho by clicking here