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Trompie van der Berg

About Trompie van der Berg

I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer and Photography Teacher, based in Gauteng. I am infatuated with creating interesting and dramatic light using mainly small flashes. I have at any given time got at least six Speedlights and associated gadgets with me and I get them out every chance I get. I love creating and shaping light and solving all the problems associated with mixing flash with ambient on location. It is a skill not many photographers possess and allows me to capture vivid, three dimensional images that is not otherwise possible with natural light photography. My work has a fashion look and feel and adhere to the principle of Chiaroscuro - the artistic distribution of light and dark in a picture. Using small flashes I can create near perfect light anywhere and in any situation and it allows me to create striking images in even the dullest and most difficult setting. I come from an IT background so my second passion is technology and gadgets. I try to stay on top of all the latest trends and releases out there and love helping people make informed decisions on what equipment to invest in.

My personal journey to becoming a wedding photographer

2017-07-14T15:18:03+00:00 By |A Photographer's Attitude, Wedding Photography|

My personal journey to becoming a wedding photographer. This is my story... I am entering my 5th year in the wedding photography business since I shot my very first wedding and I have been reflecting quite a bit on the journey past. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be making a living of wedding photography today I would have laughed in your face and called you a loony. I can actually remember Danie telling me this on a DPC portrait session when I did my very first course with him 5 years ago (I was part of only his second class) and thinking man, this guy obviously feels he need to say this as I paid him for the course!

Express your vision using Flash!

2017-07-14T15:26:02+00:00 By |Flash Photography, Photographic Equipment, Photography Lighting, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography|

In the On-Location Lighting workshop I teach our students that one of the 7 reasons to use flash is to express your vision. As photographers, light is the notes we use to compose a song. If you only know half the notes the song you create will be pretty limited in tone and originality. If you however know the full range of notes you can create a masterpiece! If we are able to recognize and make use of natural light as well as incorporate artificial light where needed we can truly express our vision and create our own masterpieces!


The Nikon D7100 released!

2017-07-25T15:47:25+00:00 By |Cameras, Photographic Equipment|

It is finally here, the Nikon D7100! It comes 2 years after it's predecessor, the very popular Nikon D7000. The D7100 is sure to be Nikon's flagship DX frame option and the hopes of seeing a much rumored D400 that sit between the D7000 and new D600 is now surely no longer an option. I will try to post a more complete review on it, as soon as we can get one. In the meantime, let;s look at the specs that's available.


Industrial Landscape Photographer, Edward Burtynsky….

2016-10-24T11:08:48+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Travel & Landscape Photography|

This week, we are featuring world renowned industrial landscape photographer, Edward Burtynsky. Edward has achieved international recognition for his large-format photographs of industrial landscapes. His work is housed in more than fifteen major museums including the Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Biblioteque Nationale, Paris.


The Bang Bang Club

2016-10-24T11:08:48+00:00 By |Featured Photographers, Photo Journalism and Documentary Photography|

The movie, “The Bang Bang Club” started showing at cinemas during the past week. I too, went to see the movie. In my opinion, it really is a must-see for every photographer. It is not a movie for kids or very sensitive people as the content is quite graphic. It is a movie that has left a mark on me and made me ask questions about myself and my own morality and just how far I am willing to go as a photographer. It also brings up the questions if my photographs really show the "real" story or if it is me who is the sculptor of the scene and only a projection of what I want people to see. I love my street photography and on many occasions have been presented with the situation where you are "paying off" a homeless person to get the shot you are after. Where you catch people at their most vulnerable and take the shot in a very detached way. We aim to show the hard life by getting the weary eyes in sharp focus, we compose to get the bare cracked feet in the shot, the makeshift home of cardboard boxes to add to the drama, I sometimes forget that there is a person behind that picture I am taking. The movie made me think, go and see it and make up your own mind…Here’s a brief history of what the Bang Bang club was all about…