~ Article by Danie Bester

Adobe’s Photoshop CC  and Lightroom is still available for $9,99 per month for South African Photographers!

I complained in the past, and have been quite aggressive about it, that Adobe’s Creative Cloud for 50 USD per month was just too expensive. I am only really using Lightroom and Photoshop and don’t need all the other software that comes with a full subscription. For South Africans, with the current Rand / Dollar exchange rate it works out like R500 per month, which is just crazy expensive.

However, it seems that Adobe listened to the peeps and brought out a special plan for photographers. You can now subscribe to the newest Photoshop CC and Lightroom for only $9,99 per month, which works out about a Hundred Rand per month. Now if you have to buy Photoshop separately you are going to pay at least R5,000 (if you shop around) and then still have to pay separately for Lightroom. I think this is a good deal and signed up with no hassles and already running the new Photoshop CC. ( Please note that I don’t get any commissions from Adobe)

 If you are a serious photographer, then this might work out for you as well. Take note that this “special plan” has been extended to 31 December 2013 and I recommend that if you’re in the market, get it ASAP.

 The subscription link’s below…


Photoshop CC and Lightroom subscribtions now available for South African Photographers as well

Adobe’s 9,99 USD per month Subscription is still available for South African Photographers