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Adobe Photoshop CS2 is Free for download!

~ article by Danie Bester

download adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS2 is now available for free download!

This is one of those BIG surprises. Adobe decided to roll back a few years and offer Photoshop CS2 again. The catch is…. This time it is FOR FREE!  If you’re not using a newer generation of Photoshop, or still complaining that Adobe Photoshop Elements don’t offer a patch tool; then this is your chance. Head over to Adobe’s website and download CS2. In fact, the whole  Photoshop CS2 Creative Suite is available including serial numbers, for both for Windows and Mac. Eat your heart out!

Photoshop CS2 still offers sufficient power and function for any photographer. Maybe not as fast, or refined as the newest CS6, but it will still take you a long way. Follow the link below to download your version…

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About the Author:

Danie Bester
I am the founder of DPC and Photo Critic. I am married to Jenna, my high-school sweetheart for over two decades now and have two adult children, Mia-Daniel and Minnette. We live in Centurion, Pretoria. I am proud, yet humbled by how far we have come and what we have achieved in such a short time. Today DPC ranks under the foremost photography schools in South Africa and we've build a healthy community of photographers. The road has not always been easy but through a leap of faith and the grace of God, we have grown a small photography business to a successful training institute. Working as a commercial photographer and teaching a wide range of photography subjects, including; Portraiture, Studio lighting, Fine-art, Architecture and Food Photography has kept me fairly versatile. On a personal level, I pursue fine-art, travel, and landscape photography. I have recently been honoured, with my work being included in the Collectors Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa.

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