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2012 TIPA award winners announced

By | 30 April, 2012|Featured Websites, Photographic Equipment, Photography Software|

Article by John Fox... The votes are in and the results are out with the announcement of the annual TIPA awards in the fields of photo and imaging products. If you are looking to purchase new gear, you can now browse the winners which make a solid starting point for your research, and hopefully you can make upcoming purchases based on a more informed opinion.

Nikon D7000

By | 21 September, 2010|Photographic Equipment|

During the past few months, we saw two new SLR cameras being launched; the mid-range Canon 60D , and then the entry level Nikon D3100.Those Nikon users among us, should therefore be very delighted that we have been graced with the release of yet another Nikon DSLR. This time it is the Nikon D7000! Unfortunately, it will take some time before I can lay my grubby hands on one (that's to check it out myself), but from what I have read it surely going to rock the boat for some Nikon users who are thinking about upgrading. According to DP Review; it will slot in right between the nimble D90 and the feature-heavy D300S. Here's a few key features, you may be interested in...