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Posing 101 (Coming Soon)

Night Portraits (Coming Soon)

Family and Children Portraits (Coming 2016)


Food Photography Course (Coming 2016)

Starting a Photography Business (Coming 2016)

Apprenticeship / Mentorship Programme (Coming 2017)


Landscape Photography (Coming 2016)


Introduction to Fine Art Photography and Creative Principles (Coming Soon)

Photography Masters | Historical and Modern Movements (Coming Soon)

Visual Expression | Creative Composition, Colour and Lighting (Coming Soon)

Pictorialism and Impressionism (Coming Soon)

Fine Art Still Lifes (Coming Soon)

Social Documentary and Street Photography (Coming Soon)

Fine Art Portraiture (Coming Soon)

Fine Art Architecture (Coming Soon)

Fine Art Printing (Coming Soon)

Selling your Fine Art Photography and Exhibitions (Coming Soon)


Photographer and Shot of the Year 2014

This is the big day, we all waited for! The Photo Critic Shot of the Year and the Photographer of the Year Competitions for 2014 has finally been decided by our panel of 6 judges. Here they are

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The Masks We Are

For the final part of the DPC Advanced Course, we were tasked with doing and editorial shoot on a chosen topic. I chose "Wearing Masks" and decided to post the editorial in it's original format for all to see. My idea for this project actually started out as a simple portrait shoot with some masks that I would source, but it slowly evolved as I planned it out. It became a little more personal as I tried to present little pieces of myself in each idea. This then evolved further when I realized through this process, that I often present myself to people in a manner which corresponds to the situation I am in and that I vary rarely show the real me. From this I decided to twist the mask idea a little, still showing these little bits of me, but in each shot, the mask reveals more than it hides...

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Standard Print Sizes

Photographers are often confused when it come to standard paper sizes. Few people know that we are using two different systems. Firstly, the standard print lab sizes provided by local print shops i.e. the local Fujifilm, Kodak, Foto First etc. Then there is the standard iso sizes offered by modern ink-jet printers. Here's a breakdown of the various print sizes available

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I have been studying photography for just over two years and I have to say that I have learned more through DPC in the last few months than I have for the balance of the two years and through several other institutions and short courses that I have attended in Gauteng.
Mark Horton
“What differentiates Photo Critic from other similar sites is the emphasis on increasing the skills of the members. This starts with the highly professional critiques by Danie, Deon, Trompie and the others that generously give their time.
Mike Tagg
Once again the inexpensive course was detailed and covered systematically, allowing for questions and comments. As always a highlight with DPC is the practical shoot after the theory is learnt, giving us students the chance to test out our new skills and leave with some additions to our portfolios.
Keith Engelbecht
If you want to do a basic photography course or more advanced, I will recommend DPC | Digital Photography Courses in a heartbeat! They are the best!!! I’m loving it and are learning so much. Danie Bester shares his skills and experiences. Couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.
Junita Fourie-Stroh
Thank you so much for a great course Danie. I really enjoyed every class but specially enjoyed the practical classes in Newtown and Arts on Main. Those were just so exciting. You and the rest of your team are awesome teachers.
Amanda Rumney